Saturday 4 November 2017

Science Confirms You Should Stop and Smell the Roses
There’s truth to the idea that spending time outdoors is a direct line to happiness, say researchers. In fact, if people simply take time to notice the nature around them, it will increase their general happiness and well-being, suggests the new research.

A New Method to Evaluate Overall Performance of a Climate Model in Simulating Multiple Fields

The Earth’s ozone hole is shrinking, and is the smallest its been since 1988
A rare bit of good news about the environment.

COP 23: A clean energy tipping point is coming—sooner the better
Prospects for change have never been better, but we still need deliberate action to realize them.

Bonn voyage: climate diplomats head into another round of talks
Marc Hudson University of Manchester
At the Bonn talks, Australia will cop (sorry) some flak for its lack of reductions ambition, and action.

A contested finding in a major new climate-change report
Robinson Meyer
A new study in ‘The Lancet’ makes the case that global warming is already ailing public health worldwide, but experts disagree on its methodology.

Clean energy investor who defied Trump wary of Oz
Green energy investor who defied Donald Trump to build a solar plant in Iran is now seeking Australian partners.

Ag to bear emissions brunt
Agriculture could be expected to make a bigger contribution to reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions than other industries, the federal agriculture secretary has conceded.

Frydenberg caught between cruel history and an uncertain fate
Tony Wright

Forget turning straw into gold, farmers can turn trash into energy
Bernadette McCabe, University of Southern Queensland and Craig Baillie,University of Southern Queensland

Is your company disclosing its climate risk?
David Leitch
Investors and activists have new ammunition to encourage public company disclosures on climate change risks and opportunities. They should use them.

Swan Hill solar farm secures debt funding to go “merchant”
Impact Investment Group secures $16.5m from specialist outfit Infradebt for 19MW merchant solar farm in northern Victoria.

Rooftop solar installer caught out for fraudulent STC creation
The Clean Energy Regulator’s crack-down on Australia’s rooftop solar industry continues, with action taken this week against an installer for the “fraudulent creation” of small-scale technology certificates (STCs) for jobs carried out in Victoria

Ausgrid turns to rooftop solar to save on network costs
Ausgrid offers big incentives for rooftop solar in Sydney, so it can save on network costs. It’s a welcome change from the usual narrative about how rooftop solar is a burden to networks and consumers. Are battery storage and micro-grids next?

Turnbull’s plan for Sydney is a race to blandsville
Elizabeth Farrelly

Is Lucy Turnbull planning to stuff Sydney? A tale of three cities
Don Owers
Greater Sydney Council boss Lucy Turnbull’s plan for Sydney sounds like a rejected plot from the TV show Utopia, except it could be far more damaging.,10890

Canberra to Sydney fast train ‘top priority’

Should Canberra start recycling graves?

Queensland Premier to exercise state veto on Adani, slams ‘smear campaign’
Annastacia Palaszczuk says the Queensland Government will have “no role” in assessing a loan to Adani for its Carmichael coal mine, basing her decision on alleged attempts to expose her partner’s links to the Indian conglomerate during an election campaign.

LNP to block Premier’s moves to veto Adani NAIF loan
Tim Nicholls says the Premier should pass the almost $1 billion Adani loan if the NAIF approves it, after it emerged her partner worked on the application.

The senate plot to expose Palaszczuk
Queensland’s Premier may have torpedoed the Adani mine but her shock veto move raises more questions than it answers.

Coal-fired plant ‘deal-breaker’ for One Nation
One Nation’s Steve Dickson said taxpayer money for a new coal-fired power station in North Queensland would be a “deal-breaker” in negotiations with the major parties.

No back down on Nullinga study
Treasurer Curtis Pitt has refused to reveal when a Nullinga Dam business study would be released as irrigators strengthen their case for improved water security.

Queensland election 2017: LNP to announce $500m duplication of M1 on Gold Coast

It’s time for an adult discussion about the disruption to traders by roadworks and upgrades
John Chapman
IT’S time to take a new look at how publicly funded road and other infrastructure is planned and how small businesses are compensated for disruption to their income.

Pledge for Tasmania’s seafood and maritime industries

Tahune Airwalk sold for less than $1m
Tasmanians are unlikely to know how much the Tahune Airwalk sale fetched.

Guard dogs needed for penguins
A TASMANIAN Senator has called for “penguin-protection dogs” to be trained in the wake of another 13 deaths at Low Head.

Tasmania has chance to learn from the decision at Uluru

Push to lift ban on NT euthanasia laws
Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm plans to wield his cross bench power to lift a ban on euthanasia laws in the NT and ACT within nine months

NT was dead right on euthanasia move
The Territory’s move 20 years ago to legalise euthanasia should be hailed by southern states as well ahead of its time

Perth engineer wages war on plastic

Billionaire plan to ‘rezone Earth’
Forget unplugging the TV, billionaires say they have a plan to solve our energy crisis that involves zoning Earth ‘residential’.

‘Time is ticking’: Musk in ‘eighth hell’ as Model 3 problems burn other projects
There will be no new model 3 Teslas in 2017.

Solar greenhouses generate electricity and grow healthy crops
Magenta panes also help plants save water–sgg110317.php

Science Confirms You Should Stop and Smell the Roses
There’s truth to the idea that spending time outdoors is a direct line to happiness, say researchers. In fact, if people simply take time to notice the nature around them, it will increase their general happiness and well-being, suggests the new research.

Coal – the killer investment without a future
Assets that kill don’t make for good investments

As it looks to go green, China keeps a tight lid on dissent
Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to clean up the nation’s air and water and create an “ecological civilization.” Yet even as it carries out major environmental reforms, China’s government is making sure activist green movements stay under its control.

Madagascar environmental activist convicted, sentenced — and paroled
This follows a recent pattern in the country in which activists are often given suspended sentences, seemingly as a way of keeping them quiet.

What should the Greens be on about?
Sylvia Hale
Do we assume that capitalism will ultimately come up with a solution, or is capitalism itself the problem?

An urgent need to transform world’s energy systems
António Guterres
Modern energy services are integral to poverty reduction, food security, public health and quality education for all.

Pollution’s turning evolution from marathon to a sprint
“Human activity is often causing faster evolution,” says Professor Marc Johnson from the University of Toronto, a co-author of a new review into the phenomenon published in the journal Science on Friday.

Protecting the Wild: Baylor Professor Helps to Minimize Recreation Disturbance to Wildlife
Nature and outdoor enthusiasts seek to enjoy recreational activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and camping. However, sometimes appreciating nature’s beauty comes at a cost to wildlife.

Professor Provides Fisheries a Solution to Overharvesting
Consumer demand and inadequate scientific information has led to overharvesting, reducing fish species and fish stocks around the world.

Urban-Based Evolution: Species Are Rapidly Adapting to City Habitats
Cities around the globe are fueling evolution among microbes, plants, and animals, driving physical mutations and altering gene flow, according to a new analysis in the journal Science. The projected spread of urbanization in coming decades will continue to reshape and create new species in unexpected ways, the study found.

New species of frizzy-haired orangutan discovered
The bearded and frizzy-haired Tapanuli orangutan is the latest addition to our great ape family tree, but it might not be around for too long.

Social repercussions on places declared World Heritage Sites
The economic benefits generated by tourism and the degree of participation in planning and decision-making are the factors that are most valued by the residents of these areas