Melting Arctic sends a message: Climate change is here in a big way
Mark Serreze, University of Colorado
Climate change is transforming the Arctic, with impacts on the rest of the planet. A geographer explains why he once doubted that human actions were causing such shifts, and what changed his mind.

Lousy power quality? Blame the grid, not rooftop PV
High voltage on local networks is frying appliances, and costing consumers billions of dollars. The media and the networks have sought to blame the issue on rooftop PV, but a new study suggests the networks are to blame.

Gas prices ‘improved’, but still lacks transparency: ACCC
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is trying to improve transparency in how domestic gas prices are determined with the hope of lowering prices.

Australia becoming the global centre for renewables for mines
Adrienne Baker Driven by favourable economics and additional benefits including carbon reductions and social license, major and mid-tier Australian mines are adopting renewables.

Renewable energy jobs up by a third
The number of jobs in Australia related to renewable energy production grew by one-third in 2016-17 to 14,820 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions, according to data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

All Australian packaging to be sustainable by 2025, COAG agrees
The agreement was triggered by the Chinese ban on imported plastic waste but critics say it is too little too late

Last chance to study and name Australia’s vanishing species, scientists warn MPs
Australian Academy of Science launches 10-year plan to document hundreds of thousands of unknown species.

Discovering biodiversity: a decadal plan for taxonomy and biosystematics in Australia and New Zealand 2018–2027
Taxonomy Decadal Plan Working Group
This decadal plan seeks to use new and emerging technologies, develop key infrastructure, and create a unified and dynamic science that will serve the needs of society, government, industry and Australia and New Zealand’s unique biodiversity.

Burning waste for energy should be ‘last resort’ for our recycling crisis
Nick Kilvert
Experts have warned that burning waste should be a last resort and that the Government needs to focus on recycling to fix our waste crisis.

Latrobe Valley dairy farms to share energy via blockchain micro-grid
First blockchain virtual micro-grid in Australia will use solar and storage to allow 200 dairy farms, 100 households and 20 businesses to share energy.

Development threatens Yarra Valley  [PAYWALL]
Victoria is not doing enough to protect one of its biggest tourist drawcards, according to a former wine industry chief executive.

WestConnex: Final stage gains approval despite lack of junction design
The $7.2 billion final stage of the WestConnex toll road has gained government planning approval, despite the fact that the final shape of a major underground interchange for the project at Rozelle in Sydney’s inner west is yet to be decided.

Developers and government are destroying our sacred stories
Elizabeth Farrelly
Being grounded in story sustains and heals us. It is what makes place sacred. Yet white Australian culture has such trouble respecting its own sacred stories buried, as they are, in this place.

Light rail intersections aren’t being ‘re-done’ due to complaints
Katie Burgess
Bumpy intersections along Canberra’s Northbourne Avenue light rail corridor were not ripped up at the bequest of irate motorists, the ACT government says.

South Australia solar farm connects to the grid
A 4.9MW solar farm has been connected to the grid in South Australia, signalling shift from large scale wind to large scale solar.

Fuel reduction burn taking place at Fingal, St Helens
Fuel reduction burns are taking place on the state’s East Coast.

Fully electric ground transport needed in state: climate expert
A world-leading climate change expert has urged Tasmania to take the next step in addressing greenhouse gas emissions by fully electrifying its ground transport.

Indigenous rangers to receive $250m in funding for jobs until 2021
Indigenous affairs minister made the announcement with just two months before the previous funding was due to expire

Green ants and slow-roasted buffalo: tourists get real taste of Kakadu
There’s more to northern Australia’s majestic national park than scenery or Crocodile Dundee-style shenanigans – and a festival of Indigenous food and culture aims to show just that

As United States looks to coal, China invests in renewable energy
At least one country is rising to the occasion.

Sustainable shopping: where to find a puffer jacket that doesn’t warm the Earth
Alice Payne, Queensland University of Technology
If you’re looking to replace your old winter coat, there is every possibility that one of the Michelin-man-looking puffer jackets has caught your eye for its warmth, lightness and associations with trekking through the wilderness.

Tearfund: People power is key to a plastic-less future
Ruth Valerio
Back in February, my family and I decided to try a Plastic-Less Lent and put together a Facebook group to see if anyone else wanted to join us and share ideas and challenges. Much to my amazement, the group grew to well over 2,000 within a matter of days, from around 55 countries. Clearly this was an issue people were interested in.

North Korea and the Christian case for nuclear disarmament
Russell Whiting
Less than six months ago it seemed almost inevitable there would be a military conflict on the Korean Peninsula. Kim Jong Un was testing missiles and trading increasingly hyperbolic statements with Donald Trump, who in turn spoke of reacting with ‘fire and fury’. The world was the closer to nuclear weapons being used than it had been for perhaps 50 years.

Hiroshima, Kyoto, and the bombs of climate change
Bill McKibben
The Japanese cities are symbols of the greatest threats that humanity has ever faced: nuclear weapons and global warming. What makes those threats different?

Native knowledge: What ecologists are learning from indigenous people
From Alaska to Australia, scientists are turning to the knowledge of traditional people for a deeper understanding of the natural world.