Saturday 25 November 2017

These 3 Numbers May Make You Think Twice About Black Friday Shopping
1. Only 29 percent of electronic waste is recycled.
2. More than 8 million tons of plastic go into the oceans each year.
3. Every American generates around 80 pounds of clothing waste a year.

Living Planet: 3 degrees on 7 continents
What would life on the planet look like under 3-degree warming? We travel to one location on each of the Earth’s continents to explore the impacts of climate change – and find out what communities are doing in response.

Deep fat fryers may help form cooling clouds
The fatty acids released in cooking may help form clouds that cool the climate, say scientists.

Australia facing climate disaster on its doorstep, government’s white paper warns
Foreign policy paper says climate-related conflict and migration could put Australia’s economic interests under pressure.

Embrace natural solutions for climate change problem
Justin Adams
The effective management of land use is one of the most promising ways to mitigate climate change.

Frydenberg keeps energy ministers from nixing Turnbull’s NEG
A national agreement on energy is still several months away, but the Federal Government has managed to fend off an attempt by some Labor states to derail the National Energy Guarantee.

COAG agrees to put wind and solar sectors in no-man’s land
COAG agrees to commission more design work on the Turnbull government’s proposed National Energy Guarantee, forcing the renewable energy industries in Australia into yet another period of policy uncertainty.

‘Third-best option’: Turnbull government claims energy win

Indonesian seaweed farmers’ class action over oil spill given go-ahead
Thousands of Indonesian seaweed farmers who say Australia’s worst oil spill destroyed their livelihoods are to have their class action against a Thai-owned petroleum company heard in the Federal Court.

‘The great koala scam’
Australia’s cuddliest native animal is at the centre of fierce scientific dispute.

Tree disease threatens Australian forests
Tim Low
A disease that has devastated eucalypt plantations in Brazil has reached Australia, where strains of myrtle rust could threaten gums, tea-trees, bottlebrushes, paperbarks and more, at great environmental and economic cost.

Forget COAG – how durable is Coalition support for the NEG?
Simon Holmes à Court
When the NEG was nebulous, its boosters were able to promise all things to all people. Now, with slightly more detail out, it will be a really hard sell.

National energy guarantee only ensures more confusion
Peter Hannam

The reason for rising gas prices is simple: too much is being sent overseas
Tim Pallas

Chinese have plans for our coal
Robert Gottliebsen
Chinese energy companies can see the potential to generate power from brown coal, when we’re told it has no future.

Energy ministers’ power policy pow-wow is still driven more by headlines than details
David Blowers, Grattan Institute
As federal and state energy ministers gather to discuss the Turnbull government’s proposed National Energy Guarantee, many of the finer details of the modelling are not yet available.

Tiny rare orchid deprives Albanians of $15m windfall

When did $16.5b for a road become acceptable?
Clay Lucas

Road and rail investment process is flawed and costly
Age editorial
It is reasonable to be sceptical about the airport rail link; this feels more like here we go again, than here we go at last.

NSW law changes for autonomous cars
NSW road rules will need at least 150 changes to allow autonomous vehicles to operate, a conference on driverless cars has been told.

A message from the west: Dear Sydney, we’re heading for messy break-up
Andy Marks
Western Sydney needs jobs not new public transport timetables.

How the NEG could be bad news for the ACT

Experts criticise LNP’s ‘shocking’ power station plan
The LNP’s election pledge for a new coal-fired power station in north Queensland is akin to an idea conceived by “guys in a bar who have had too much to drink”, a former power company executive says.

FNQ wildlife park operator calls for koalas to come north
THE co-owner of a Far North wildlife attraction believes the region is well-placed to accommodate under-threat koalas from the state’s southeast.

Deal-breakers: The policies Queensland’s minor parties will demand
Guns, crocs, gambling, and Adani: Just a few of the issues minor parties would demand action on in return for their support if Queensland is left with another hung parliament.

Queensland election 2017: Final poll predicts grudging nod for Labor
Most Queenslanders don’t believe Annastacia Palaszczuk deserves a second term, but have resigned themselves to a Labor victory at today’s state election.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has no regrets about Adani veto

Queensland farmers suspected to have defied tree clearing controls in ‘deforestation frenzy’
Native vegetation was home to several threatened species and was in a Great Barrier Reef catchment

Scientists take unusual step to study Barrier Reef coral
Scientists fly more than 450 kilograms of coral and seawater to north Queensland in an attempt to study specimens that have survived recent bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

Queensland poll could be a show-stopper for solar, and consumers
Giles Parkinson & Sophie Vorrath
As Queensland prepares to vote in the state election on Saturday, we look at what’s at stake for the renewables industry – particularly if Labor loses.

Racial sting in Adani opposition
Des Houghton

Musk wins his bet on SA battery
Elon Musk’s giant lithium battery in South Australia will be powered up in the coming days.

Mixed reaction to feasibility study for second Bass Strait electricity cable
The jointly funded Federal and State Government study would look at the route, capacity, cost and timeframe to build a second cable connecting Tasmania to the mainland.

Outrage over Tasmanian Liberals’ social media post which claims Labor supports higher water bills
MLCs are outraged by a Liberal social media which claims Labor supports higher water bills after the TasWater takeover was rejected.

Northern Territory to release 50% renewables plan next week
Northern Territory government expected to unveil roadmap for 50 per cent renewable energy target next week.

‘Our Life Out Here’ campaign aiming to boost population of Northern Territory
A new recruitment drive to attract more people from overseas and Australia to live in the Territory is expected to reverse the population drain.

Environment Minister blocks Mineral Resources’ plans to mine ancient range
Plans by one of WA’s richest men for an iron ore mine in an ancient outback range are teetering on the brink after the State’s Environment Minister rejected them as environmentally unacceptable.

Delhi’s off-the-charts smog, explained
Breathing in Delhi this month was like smoking 50 cigarettes a day.

No joke: China government warns northern cities to get serious in war on smog
Some northern Chinese cities failed to improve air quality by much last month, hitting the smog-prone region’s overall results in a drive against pollution, the government said as it warned provincial officials to comply with stringent steps to clear the skies.

Water sources under threat from mining in Ecuador’s mountains
Representatives from a mining company claim that the company won’t affect local communities and that they have permission to work.

Blood flows and rivers run dry as Honduras prepares to go to the polls
With Honduras poised for Sunday’s elections, the murder of environmentalists is being linked with water and food shortages, violence and migration

The dirty secret hiding in your carbon mountain bike
Riding bikes may be green, but the manufacturing behind them can be far from it.

Should a healthy environment be a human right? These Norwegians think so
Greenpeace and the environmental group Youth and Nature are suing the Norwegian Government for granting Arctic oil drilling licenses.

A power plant is burning H&M clothes instead of coal
Burning discarded clothing from retail chain Hennes & Mauritz AB is helping a Swedish power plant replace coal for good.

Hydrogen-powered trains are coming to Germany in 2021
As the shift from diesel engines to clean energy continues, German and French engineering company Alstom have signed a deal that will see the latter building a series of hydrogen-powered trains that will go into service starting in 2021.

NUS Scientists Develop Artificial Photosynthesis Device for Greener Ethylene Production
A team of scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed a prototype device that mimics natural photosynthesis to produce ethylene gas using only sunlight, water and carbon dioxide

Earth-Air Heat Exchanger Best Way to Protect Farm Animals in Livestock Buildings Against the Effects of Climate Change
Without countermeasures, climate change will negatively impact animals in pig and poultry production.

Why The World Needs to Rethink The Value of Water
Research led by Oxford University highlights the accelerating pressure on measuring, monitoring and managing water locally and globally. A new four-part framework is proposed to value water for sustainable development to guide better policy and practice.

These 3 Numbers May Make You Think Twice About Black Friday Shopping
1. Only 29 percent of electronic waste is recycled.
2. More than 8 million tons of plastic go into the oceans each year.
3. Every American generates around 80 pounds of clothing waste a year.

If air pollution is deforming sperm, will men finally take it seriously?
Jenny Jones
Links between pollution and other conditions are already proven. Maybe the heterosexual men who run the world might pay attention this time.

I shut down an oil pipeline – because climate change is a ticking bomb
Emily Johnston
Normal methods of political action and protest are simply not working. If we don’t reduce emissions boldly and fast, that’s genocide

Damming or damning the Amazon: Assessing Ecuador / China cooperation
Under President Correa, Ecuador partnered with China, building megaprojects like the Coca Codo Sinclair dam, with negative outcomes for local communities and the environment.

Global firms accused of importing timber linked to Amazon massacre
More than a dozen US and European companies have been importing timber from a Brazilian logging firm whose owner is implicated in one of the most brutal Amazonian massacres in recent memory, according to a Greenpeace Brazil investigation.

Rolling back the tide of pesticide poison, corruption and looming mass extinction
Colin Todhunter:
New research suggests that we are heading for an “ecological Armageddon” that will affect all life on the planet, including humans.