Saturday 2 September 2017

‘It’s not going to be all right.’
In flood-prone coastal Louisiana, towns have started ask a question Texans may face soon: When should we all just leave?

Harvey aftermath: A public health crisis in the making.
Nicholas Kusnetz InsideClimate News
From water contamination to diseases to mold in the walls, dangers continue long after the hurricane. These risks are related to climate change.

Just as we suspected — winter was hot, dry and a record
Bureau of Meteorology reports Australia’s hottest winter on record, with average maximum temperatures up nearly 2C on the long-term average.

Abbott to lecture think tank
Tony ­A2017bbott will give the annual lecture to one of the world’s leading climate-change sceptic think tanks.

Senate lethal building products inquiry spotlights far more than systemic failure
 Anne Paten
The Senate Inquiry into lethal building products has confirmed their endemic use across the construction industry.,10672

Fossil fuel marketing terms swamp the ABC and mainstream media
Giles Parkinson
The term “low emissions coal” has been used 100s of times in Australia’s mainstream media – which is a lot for something that doesn’t exist.

Malcolm Turnbull’s solution to energy crisis is ‘woefully mild’
Allen Hicks
The Prime Minister’s proposal for energy retailers to write to one million customers by Christmas is non-binding and ineffective.

Nuclear depression: brother, can you spare US$25.7 billion?
Bernard Keane
Nuclear power is affordable, says the Minerals Council. But the market (and power companies) beg to differ.

Labor willing to deal in energy war
Phillip Coorey

PM has power in his hands
David Speers
WHAT Malcolm Turnbull really needs is not power meetings and visits but an actual energy policy

‘Visual pollution’: Council confiscates illegally dumped oBikes

Over to Yancoal as Rio exits Hunter
Rio Tinto has officially left the Hunter Valley, handing the ownership of its Coal & Allied operations to Yancoal

‘Under attack’: NSW accused of shedding park rangers, slashing budget
The NSW government has been accused of launching “the single biggest attack” on the National Parks and Wildlife ..

RFS carry out backburning across Berowra Heights, Hornsby and Kenthurst
A PERFECT fire storm is brewing this weekend, with the RFS deputy commissioner saying it’s the worst he’s seen for 15 years.

Origin denies driving price rise
Origin Energy has denied accusations that NSW black coal power generators are driving electricity prices higher.

KNAG power: knitting nannas on the march against fracking polluters
Elizabeth Farrelly
Knitting Nannas Against Gas and Greed proudly self-describe as “a disorganisation”. What binds them is the four-paragraph Nannafesto.

Hazard reduction burn in Yarramundi Grasslands

Queensland beach battered with 7 tonnes of rubbish in a year
Volunteers expecting to find only 2 tonnes of rubbish on a far north Queensland beach are “blown away” when they discover more than 7 tonnes, including thousands of cigarette lighters, bleach bottles and toothbrushes scattered along 7 kilometres of Chilli Beach.

Queensland removes feed-in tariff cap on regional solar systems
The Queensland Labor government has removed a 5kW cap on solar systems able to access feed-in tariffs in regional areas, announcing that systems up to 30kW will now be able to access the 11c/kWh tariff.

State your position on power prices
Steven Wardill
STATE leaders are playing the blame game over power prices, but as the election campaign draws near politicians will have to pin themselves to a position

Lessons of past key to fish future
IT has been less than a year since Huon Aquaculture founder Frances Bender broke industry ranks to speak out about environmental conditions in Macquarie Harbour.

Groups mount cable car case
DUELLING petitions from the opposing camps on a kunanyi/Mt Wellington cable car have been lodged with Legislative Council, as lobbying intensifies over the Liberals’ enabling legislation.

Malcolm Turnbull caves in to Tasmanian loggers
Last weekend, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull flew to Launceston for the Tasmanian Liberals’ yearly conference.

Burning need for better bushfire warning system
BLACK, dusty ash covers the ground. The trees are scarred charcoal. Tiny pineapple plants are burnt and brown. The warped metal of what used to be a caravan lies on the ground in a twisted clump

Living sustainably adds a green touch
LIVING sustainably has been what Simon Niblock has been trying to do since he bought his property in Rapid Creek

Nearly 1 Million Pounds of Seven Deadly Air Pollutants Released by Texas Refineries During Harvey Floods
Refineries and petrochemical plants in south Texas released nearly 1 million pounds of seven especially dangerous air pollutants during flaring and chemical spills triggered by Hurricane Harvey, according to a new Center for Biological Diversity analysis of industry data.

The case for the humble garbage disposal.
From a waste-management perspective, the in-sink tool punches far above its weight.

US utility dumps nuclear plant, will invest $6bn in solar and batteries
This week, Duke Energy Florida announced that it will terminate all plans to build its Levy Nuclear Project.

China’s amazing green shift to solar, wind and water power
China’s energy-related agencies, the National Energy Administration (NEA) and the China Electricity Council (CEC), have released data on the operation of China’s electric power system in the first half of 2017 (1H 2017), noting that renewable sources (water, wind and sun) accounted for just on 69.8% of new capacity added, with thermal sources (mainly coal) accounting for 28%, and nuclear for just on 2%

Fallen leaves could be turned into devices that store energy
Northern China has a smoky problem caused by autumn leaves, but now there could be a fix: simply turn them into devices that store energy.

I drive a hybrid, eat vegetarian but am not doing enough to combat climate change.
Sarah Mosko Los Angeles Times
I fancy myself an environmentalist. I recycle, backyard compost, have rooftop solar, rarely use AC, drive a hybrid, don’t have a lawn and eat vegetarian. Yet, I am as responsible for climate change as the next guy.

Almost 400 new species discovered in Amazon in two years
A fire-tailed titi monkey, a pink river dolphin and a stingray with a honeycomb pattern on its surface are among 381 new species discovered in the Amazon in a two-year period.

Can hobby beekeepers and “bee evangelists” save the ecosystem?
Tending to the hardworking insects that have been pollinating earth’s plants for about 25 million years can be fascinating, and reaping the fruits of hobby beekeeping labor, is, well, pretty sweet.

Can corals survive climate change?
A group of international scientists, including scientists from Australia, have issued advice that more research is urgently required to determine whether corals can acclimatise and adapt to the rapid pace of climate change.

Consumers ‘betrayed’ over sustainability of world’s biggest tuna fishery.
Consumers of tuna from the world’s biggest fishery are are being “betrayed” over its sustainability, according to a coalition of scientists, retailers, politicians and campaigners, including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.