Businesses will act on climate despite Trump, says ex-UN climate chief
Christiana Figueres was also scathing of those who say it is inevitable that the global warming limit set out in the Paris agreement will be broken

Missing Paris climate goals could cost trillions
Meeting the targets of the Paris climate agreement could save the world 20 trillion dollars. This benefit is 40 times larger than the costs of achieving those goals, researchers show in a new study.

Climate movement tries to outmaneuver Trump a year after his exit from the Paris accord
His coal renaissance is crashing. Rule rollbacks are tangled in court. His push for heavier polluting cars is resisted by even auto companies.

Pope to huddle with BP, BlackRock execs and more in Vatican to talk climate change
The gathering shows how companies are moving ahead on climate change without Trump.

Marine heatwaves are getting hotter, lasting longer and doing more damage
Eric Oliver et al
Marine heatwaves have had little attention until recently, but they’re already having large effects.

Fossil fuel supply and why it’s time to think seriously about cutting it off
David Roberts
A new paper makes the case for supply-side climate policy.

Parents warned to teach kids how to defend against dingo attacks
Parents are being warned to protect their children against potential dingo attacks as the native Australian animal moves closer to populated areas.

Thinking small could be solution to solving Australia’s traffic problems
Researchers are studying ant colonies in hopes they will solve the transportation and infrastructure woes afflicting our cities.

Gene drive technology considered in the fight against feral cats
Conservation groups want cats that only produce male offspring to be released into the wild as a way to save native mammals, such as bilbies and bettongs, that are under attack.

More oil and gas M&A on the horizon
A new report has indicated three out of five oil and gas companies want to carry out an acquisition in the next 12 months.

Australian banks double down on global fossil fuel expansion
Just when you thought Australia’s banks had reached the nadir, new data shows ‘Big Four’ lending to fossil fuel projects spiked by 50% last year.

Stand-off threatens coal riches
The price of coking coal has risen to a six-week high as a stand-off looms large in the minds of traders.

The rapidly changing dynamics of Australia’s grid
South Australia becomes net electricity exporter for first time, 12 new wind and solar farms were added, the amount of large-scale solar tripled, and rooftop PV kept a lid on demand.

Wind and solar slashing corporate energy costs by 40%
Company behind new “Renewable Energy Hub” says wind, solar clearly delivering electricity at 40% discount from the grid.

Winter is coming, and it’s looking mighty mild
Jonathan Pollock and Andrew B. Watkins, Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Winter is here, and many farmers are still waiting on their ‘autumn break’ of heavy rain. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be a dry, warm winter – although the snow season will likely be good.

The single-file petition is dumb and dangerous  [PAYWALL]
Matt Collins
Those calling for cyclists to be forced to ride single file show a dangerous ignorance of the facts, writes Matt Collins. It would make cycling more dangerous without making driving easier.

Victoria pledges to remove 1,200 brumbies to protect alps and calls on NSW to act
Environment minister says up to 2,500 wild horses are causing ‘significant damage’ to plant and animal species

Coal power stations on notice  [PAYWALL]
Coal-fired power producers in Victoria contemplating shutting down will be forced to give at least five years notice.

Urban Development Institute of Australia calls for housing targets to tackle population boom  [PAYWALL]
Suburbs which don’t pull their weight on housing supply should be punished with less investment in parks and other infrastructure, says a developer lobby.

How to save up to $10,000 on energy bills  [PAYWALL]
Switching from gas to electric heating can save Victorian households up to $10,000 in energy bills over a decade, a study has found.

Debate over Kosciuszko National Park brumby cull as bitter as ever
As Peter Cochran drives through Kosciuszko National Park in search of brumbies, he regularly points out the toll taken by humans.

The Sydney suburb where residents face an ‘obstacle course’ just to get a bus
Flax Soetjandra notices the transformation of Dee Why every time she walks to the beach with her dog Harry.

NSW water regulator threatens to cut off supply to rogue Murray-Darling irrigators
Grant Barnes is a New Zealander who says he has a bit of mongrel in him, and as the chief regulatory officer overseeing NSW water access he says he will take on any irrigator flouting the law.

$2m for bushfire clean-up on NSW coast
The NSW coastal town of Tathra, which was nearly wiped out by a raging bushfire in March, will receive a $2 million clean-up grant.

The National Archives fears documents may be lost without more funding
The National Archives director fears parts of Australia’s history may be lost without more funding

Outdated Queensland rules allow black market in rare animals
Regulation loopholes allow the illegal trading of rare native Queensland animals, while authorities consider making certain pet spiders subject to licences.

Great Barrier Reef health: Once-pristine Queensland coastline covered in litter  [PAYWALL]
New pictures show plastic pollution is piling up at an unprecedented rate at once-pristine parts along Queensland’s coastline.

Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin is back. The Great Barrier Reef isn’t
First Dog on the Moon
The Turnbull government’s plan to save the reef is so crazy, it might just work! (It will not)

Environment groups redoing funding applications after failing ‘value for money’ test
Two Tasmanian natural resource management organisations are reviewing their funding applications after failing to meet federal “value for money” benchmarks.

Wetter, warmer winter for Tasmania, BoM says, but there will still be chill
Tasmania is headed for warmer-than-average days and nights over the coming winter months, but people should still layer up and have their puffer jacket close by.

Graph of the Day: EV uptake to boost global electricity demand by four Australias
IEA’s conservative electric vehicle growth projections expect uptake to boost global power demand by 928TWh a year in 2030 – that’s four times Australia’s annual consumption.

Families around the world join war on plastic
Faced with shops full of food and other goods swathed in plastic, families across the world are trying to reduce its use and recycle wherever possible to cut down its impact on the environment.

Fire and ice: The untapped fossil fuel that could save or ruin our climate
Methane hydrate buried below permafrost and the ocean floor could meet the world’s energy needs for 100 years – but would extracting it be catastrophic for the climate?

BPA linked to heart function changes in young
Bisphenol A could adversely affect juvenile heart function, according to research conducted on heart cells from newborn rats.

Will batteries do for wind what they’re doing for solar?
Experts say wind-plus-storage could become viable with longer-duration batteries.

The scientists trying to save beer from climate change
A warmer, drier future is coming for our hops. Luckily, these folks have developed a nice little workaround, thanks to a gene-editing tool that could help create a hop-free beer.

GDP is a deeply flawed and outdated way of measuring economic growth
Stephen Letts
GDP is the tool governments use to justify and frame their decisions, but it is of little use use in dealing with the big issues of the environment, health and inequality

What fossil fuels and factory farms have in common.
Wenonah Hauter
Hint: They’re both issues of environmental injustice.

Greenpeace activists abseil into Total’s AGM – video
Four Greenpeace activists climb down into Total’s AGM to protest against the oil company’s plans to drill in the mouth of the Amazon and French Guiana. The abseilers descended as the Total chief executive, Patrick Pouyanné, began his presentation, while many people protested outside the venue

Christmas Island facing economic collapse as mine expansion rejected to save famous red crabs
The community of Christmas Island could be facing hundreds of job losses after a proposal to expand the island’s phosphate mine is knocked back over fears of the impact to the island’s wildlife, including its world-famous red crabs.

How Colombia became Latin America’s palm oil powerhouse
Critics worry that policies looking to grow Colombia’s palm oil production further will come at big costs to the country’s small farmers and indigenous groups.

Hope for evicted forest people as Kenya vows to honour landmark ruling
Evictions have ceased and rehabilitation is underway one year after Africa’s highest human rights court told Kenya to compensate forest-dwellers for violating their land rights.

Madagascar court upholds sentence for environmental activist
A farmer turned environmental activist who was convicted on criminal charges after questioning a mining company about its permits has had his appeal denied by a court in Madagascar.

Planting a forest on the Aral’s dried-out seabed
Uzbekistan has an ambitious plan to stop widespread health problems that developed when the Aral Sea disappeared.

What can stop Japan’s ‘gruesome’ whale hunting program?
Japan’s ongoing “research whaling” program has incited fresh outrage after a recent report on the summer hunt in the Southern Ocean detailed the killing of over 120 pregnant whales.

Amazing link in the chain  [PAYWALL]
Tim Flannery
Are jellyfish taking over the world? The jury is out.