Pipe Dreams – Fractured Lives
Highett Community Centre
2 Livingston St, Highett VIC 3190
7.30pm Wednesday 27 June 2018
This 67 minute documentary film will be introduced by farmer and filmmaker David Smith who will also take questions after the film. 
What if your government is risking the health of your family for quick cash? Join an Aussie farmer, tired of political spin, as he takes on a fact-finding mission into the effects of Fracking. His inspiring journey takes him from the southern point of country South Australia to Northern Australia and across the world to … MORE

Leaked UN draft report warns of urgent need to cut global warming
IPCC says ‘rapid and far-reaching’ measures required to combat climate change

Big business could be forced to help keep nation’s lights on under National Energy Guarantee draft
A draft of the Government’s NEG obtained by the ABC shows a “reliability requirement” would “incentivise” large energy users to help put more dispatchable power back into the grid if a nationwide shortfall looks likely.

Josh Frydenberg in final phase of talks with states over national energy guarantee
A new technical document on the Neg’s design will be distributed ahead of Coag energy council meeting on 10 August

Craig Kelly calls for party room clarification as emission gap widens
The Coalition MP has called for ministers to clarify Australia’s Paris climate commitments after his policy stance was undermined by the Environment Department.

Frydenberg tells states conservative Liberals won’t get their way on emissions cuts
Environment minister says he won’t back-end load target as some in his party demand

Discounts for cutting emissions  [PAYWALL]
Australia’s ports are taking steps to encourage shipping to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Murray-Darling royal commission: injunctions will not stop flow of information
The federal government is seeking to prevent bureaucrats testifying but there are plenty of others determined to have their say

Labor and Greens back charities’ objections to foreign influence laws
An alliance of charities and not-for-profits has outlined six principles to protect them from the Coalition’s foreign agent proposal

Trump triggers talk of Australia going nuclear
Peter Hartcher
To suggest that Australia now needs its own atomic arsenal is to suggest that there has been a fundamental breakdown in trust. In short, that the US alliance is dead.

ESB adds some meat to skeleton of “do nothing” NEG
Giles Parkinson
Update: ESB proposes penalties of up to $100 million for retailers failing to meet emissions obligations, as it puts more meat on the skeleton of the National Energy Guarantee, and after briefing state and territory ministers on Friday.

Wollemi pines are dinosaur trees
Cris Brack, Australian National University
Wollemi pines once covered prehistoric Australia.

Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin visits the cat-proof fence!
First Dog on the Moon
The government occasionally tosses money at these things but it isn’t interested in results, just the kudos

Recycling firm: We’re burying your waste, not recycling it
It claims it’s a sustainability champion. But this multinational company is sending recyclables straight to landfill.

Kangaroo culling red tape relaxed in NSW drought-hit areas
Commercial kangaroo harvesters, processors and animal activists hit back at NSW Government plans to reduce the number of kangaroos in drought-hit areas.

New outbreak detected of destructive yellow crazy ant
A new infestation of yellow crazy ant — an invasive ant species capable of causing blindness and decimating crops, has been detected in NSW.

Health warning after fish poisoned near Amberley base
Fish tests showed high levels of PFAS chemicals, found in toxic firefighting foam that leaked from Brisbane Airport.

Queensland the big winner under EnergyAustralia power cuts
EnergyAustralia is slashing electricity bills in Queensland but keeping prices flat for the rest of its east coast gas and electricity customers.

Queensland: beautiful one day, pitch black the next  [PAYWALL]
Rowan Dean
Selling the Sunshine State – it’s care free, coal free, job free and investment free.

Brain scans reveal new details of Tasmanian tiger [PAYWALL]
A study scanning the brains of dogs leads to some fascinating insights into the life of the thylacine.

WA to reap rewards of $8.6b mining boom, but expert warns of bust to follow
BHP announces a $4.7 billion Pilbara mine, the third being planned for WA alongside new projects from FMG and Rio Tinto, but there are fears of a bust to come as the three new projects jostle for position on a similar timeframe.

Time for a rethink of defence in North West
Sherry Sufi
If ever there was a need to turn our focus to our North West, it is now. Western Australia’s north-west coast is home to half a trillion dollars of investments in critical oil and gas infrastructure.

A storm in a coffee cup brings a lesson in politics for both political leaders
Jessica Strutt
Mark McGowan and Mike Nahan have copped public criticism for using disposable coffee cups while campaigning in recent days — and voters have every right to expect better from their elected representatives.

Floating cities: Brilliant or bonkers?
When “seasteading” was first floated years ago by its tech billionaire and libertarian proponents, critics said the idea was elitist and delusional. In recent years, the pitch has been updated. But is there any scientific merit?

Experts question wisdom that more food means less hunger
Increasing food production through intensive farming will not necessarily end world hunger.

Samsung wants to be using 100 percent renewable energy by 2020
It aims to go completely green in office buildings, factories and operational facilities across the US, Europe and China.

EU raises renewable energy targets to 32% by 2030
The EU is raising its target for the amount of energy it consumes from renewable sources, in a deal lauded by the bloc’s climate chief as a hard-won victory for the switch to clean energy.

Making buildings, cars and planes from materials based on plant fibers
Materials scientists find new ways to use natural fibres

As nuclear struggles, a new generation of engineers is motivated by climate change
The number of people graduating with nuclear engineering degrees has more than tripled since 2001. Many say they are motivated by climate change.

Nuclear power won’t survive without a government handout
Some plants are shutting down, new ones aren’t being built, and the ones still operational can’t compete with other sources of power on price.

Humans are driving mammals into the night — like the dinosaurs did
Humans have been displacing wildlife since, well, forever — and according to a new study, we’re leaving some mammals no choice but to adjust their daily schedules and seek refuge in the night.

The problem with ‘sustainable’ palm oil
Vision of an orangutan fleeing from an excavator has thrown the issue of palm oil back into the spotlight. It comes as a new study casts doubt on whether ‘sustainable’ palm oil is really less destructive than the alternative.

Many trout face extinction due to climate change, pollution
A new study published in Science magazine found that many of the world’s trout species are facing extinction due to climate change.