Saturday 15 July 2017

Support for Green Climate Fund puts America first.
Matthew Kotchen, Leonardo Martinez-Diaz Yale Environment 360
President Trump plans to end U.S. contributions to the Green Climate Fund, which helps developing countries finance climate-related projects and is a cost-effective global initiative that protects the strategic interests of the U.S.

AEMO boss Audrey Zibelman shocks jock with pro-wind and solar energy plan
The shift to renewables is happening, and politicians need to get on board.

States’ unilateral threat on CET
Labor states have ramped up pressure on the Turnbull government to adopt a clean energy target.

Environment’s future in the bag?
Shoppers at Woolworths and Coles will be forking out at least 15 cents per plastic bag when buying groceries next year.

Clean energy target: how the states might make it work
Victoria and South Australia have suggested a states-led initiative if the federal government continues to stall on a clean energy target. Could it work?

Power price turmoil threatens agriculture
THE energy price crisis is jeopardising Australia’s capacity to provide affordable food and fibre, while also undermining our international competitiveness, the agriculture industry says.

Microplastic pollution of seafloor widespread along Australia’s south-east coast, study finds.
Marine biologists are shocked at the high levels of microplastic pollution in the ocean sediments of Australia’s south-east coast, with Bicheno in Tasmania being the worst

What Elon Musk’s investment tells us about our energy crisis
Perry Williams and Jason Scott
Elon Musk’s intervention in Australia’s energy crisis is widening a divide over the future of coal.

Australia in search of a match to fire-up energy policy
Peter Hartcher

A brief history of Al Gore’s climate missions to Australia
Marc Hudson

Price of electricity is rising, not sure about temperatures
Jennifer Marohasy
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has recently put in place strict limits on how cold a temperature can actually be recorded.

Clean Energy Target was MIA at COAG meeting
Mark Ludlow
Energy ministers should be applauded for the fast pace of approving the key recommendations from the landmark Finkel Review into energy security.

The climate change scare campaign most politicians won’t go near
Jacqueline Maley
You can tell the coal-fanciers within the Coalition are panicked. Not content with scaremongering about rising electricity prices, they are now invoking the greatest carbon price of them all – death.

States should keep lights on
Australian editorial
Canberra must take a lead role in climate and energy policy.

Energy poverty poses new threat
Judith Sloan
Prices are rising and so is the confusion over policy.

Memo to COAG: Australia is already awash with gas
Dylan McConnell

The cynical and dishonest denial of climate change has to end: it’s time for leadership
Gerry Hueston
Absence of climate and energy policy has left Australia lagging dangerously behind, missing out on investment and facing major electricity disruptions.

Coolaroo factory stockpile ‘illegal’
A GIANT stockpile of recycling that caught alight at a Coolaroo factory and forced residents to evacuate would be illegal in neighbouring states, a peak industry council says.

Ever wondered what happens after you flush? Here’s where you find out
The workers at Melbourne’s second-biggest sewage plant have a message for you: stop flushing baby wipes and tampons down the toilet.

Why Melbourne’s train network melted down … yet again
Adam Carey

Recycling plant fire raises many questions
Age editorial
Few things are more important than public safety; the risks of more fires can be mitigated.

Deadly clash between farmers and conservation
A coronial inquest into the murder of NSW environment officer Glen Turner will raise critical questions of government regulation where biodiversity conservation clashes with farmers’ rights.

Coal’s future is on familiar ground

Skyrocketing power bills under scrutiny
THE Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is examining how the concentration of power in only a few energy companies in NSW may be pushing up the price of household electricity bills.

Record fine for 200 tonne coal spill in Blue Mountains river
Coal miner Clarence Colliery is fined more than $1 million for a major spill, in which more than 200 tones of coal material had to be cleaned up from a Blue Mountains river.

Designer duo Spunky Bruiser turning fast fashion on its head
Designers Bex Frost and Christian Olea turn discarded tapestries and other recycled materials into stylish, tailored streetwear for their sustainable clothing label Spunky Bruiser

Artificial reef the way to boost NSW fishing
Al McGlashan says building homes for fish has been a huge success off Sydney and now more man-made reefs are to be created along NSW’s coast.

Wee Waa fears water loss will inflict ‘death by a thousand cuts’
The New South Wales town of Wee Waa is worried that the loss of 20 gigalitres of water will result in their small community becoming a ghost town.

Greens fail on sexual assault allegation
Martin McKenzie-Murray
The mishandling of a sexual assault allegation is part of a series of concerns about the culture and conduct of the progressive party.

Power duopoly ‘upping prices’
ACCC chairman Rod Sims says the dominance of Queensland’s two state-owned generators has pushed up electricity prices.

Queensland LNP pledges to promote coal and ‘resist environmental groups’
Proposals before LNP state convention include pulling out of Paris climate agreement and banning migrants from nations that recognise sharia

Healy switches stance on Adani
LABOR candidate for Cairns Micheal Healy has performed an ideological backflip after initially opposing the proposed Adani coal mine.

Activists claim they were ‘run over’ at protest
POLICE are investigating after anti-Adani activists claim they were run over at a protest in Brisbane.

The uncomfortable truth: The Great Barrier Reef is doomed
Geoff Davies
The Great Barrier Reef is unlikely to survive as more than a small, sad remnant of its past glory.,10501

Political ‘solutions’ simply shift profits, problems elsewhere
Richard Denniss
Just as Barnaby Joyce spent tens of millions of taxpayers’ money to shift public sector jobs from Canberra to his electorate, his former chief of staff, Minister for North Queensland Matt Canavan, is planning to spend $1 billion of taxpayers’ money to shift mining jobs from the Hunter Valley and Bowen Basin to North Queensland

Alinta Energy drafting plans for 300MW power plant north of Adelaide
Alinta Energy is seeking a permit for a 300-megawatt gas-fired power station to be built about one hour north of Adelaide at a cost of $450 million, just over a a year after closing coal-fired stations at Port Augusta.

Can Tesla launch on own steam?
Graham Lloyd
Elon Musk says it’s his winning technology that brings him to South Australia.

Penguins protected during works
Penguins and shearwaters at the Bruny Island Neck will be protected during upgrades at the site, the Department of State Growth says, amid community concerns about how tourists are treating the island’s wildlife.

Probe into risk facing rare species
AN endangered species at the centre of a court battle between fish farm companies and government will be tagged to assess its vulnerability to degraded environmental conditions.

Gas contract ‘crisis’ persists
As Energy Minister Matthew Groom attended the COAG Energy Council, Labor energy spokesman Scott Bacon called for an …

Loving a tourism gem half to death
Rosemary Sandford
Bruny Island residents and the environment are suffering as tourist numbers soar.

Fracking inquiry shows risks
The NT’s inquiry into hydraulic fracturing looks set to recommend changes to regulatory and legislative frameworks.

Inpex will pay nothing to extract oil and gas
The Inpex-led Ichthys LNG project will export $195 billion of LNG, LPG and condensate from Darwin over the next three decades but will not pay Canberra anything for the gas it extracts from its field 450km north of Broome.

What type of nature is best for your head?
Will any old green space do?

Billions lack safe drinking water and sanitation at home.
Some 2.1 billion people lack water at home that is free of bacterial contamination and is available when needed, according to a World Health Organization/UNICEF report.

Why the ecocity needs to be a just city
Stephen Healy

These ‘missing charts’ may change the way you think about fossil fuel addiction.
Barry Saxifrage National Observer
How much fossil fuel is the world burning each year? Are we turning the corner yet? Here are the missing charts.

Environmental defenders being killed in record numbers globally, new research reveals.
Activists, wildlife rangers and indigenous leaders are dying violently at the rate of about four a week, with a growing sense around the world that ‘anyone can kill environmental defenders without repercussions.’

Have-a-go heroes: The women saving elephants in their free time.
With one elephant killed every 25 minutes, the poaching crisis continues. But with the commitment and activism of a growing global network – dominated by women – laws and attitudes around the world are changing.