Saturday 14 October 2017

Human success at the expense of other species is “a pretty awful legacy.”
Author Elizabeth Kolbert challenges us to see human history through the eyes of other animals

Meet the man who’s trying to save his country from sinking
Former president Anote Tong is on a mission to keep his islands literally above water, as climate change threatens to engulf the small Pacific nation of Kiribati.

Clinging to Paris isn’t cool
Bjorn Lomborg
Even the best-case scenarios promise tiny improvements at too high a cost.

Aristotle to Abbott: Climate change sceptics through the ages
Ian Warden

Small-scale solar cutting billions from electricity bills
Small solar PV systems are estimated to have generated 1540 gigawatt hours of power within NSW over a 12-month period.

Creating liveable cities in Australia
Centre for Urtban research (RMIT)
Representing the culmination of five years of research, this report examines seven domains of a city’s liveability that also promote the health and wellbeing of Australians – walkability, public transport, public open spaces, housing affordability, employment and the food and alcohol environments.

Abbott looks to Pell on energy policy
Karen Middleton
In condemning action on climate change as killing ‘goats to appease the volcano gods’, Tony Abbott was paraphrasing an earlier speech by his confessor, Cardinal George Pell.

Australia’s solar juggernaut is coming – quicker than anyone thinks
Giles Parkinson
The uptake of solar – by consumers and in large-scale solar farms – could be far quicker than anyone is currently contemplating. If this is managed well, with battery and other forms of storage, there will be little need for many of the remaining coal generators.

How to fix Australia’s embarrassing failure in electric vehicles
Sophie Vorrath
TAI report shows 64% of all party supporters in favour of policies to increase EV uptake – so what aren’t governments doing?

Don’t waste time on CET – there are other options for renewables, efficiency
Rob Passey
We will never have an effective broad-based emission reduction policy – no matter who is in government. Best to look at alternatives, like reverse auctions.

Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter joins climate science deniers and islamophobes for Australian LibertyFest
Graham Readfearn
What do you get when you bring together some of Australia’s most fervent climate science deniers with anti-Islam activists, fledgling right-wing political groups, and an American “free market” Libertarian?

Get real about energy, PM
Judith Sloan
Silly ideas cannot generate the electricity needed by Australian homes and businesses.

Who’s the greenest of them all?
Bernard Salt
For all our adherence to the principles of conservation, we’re amateurs compared with the greatest green generation.

As the Clean Energy Target fizzles, what might replace it?
Alan Pears

Storage on hold as Victoria still reviewing battery tender
The clock is rapidly ticking down on the Victoria government’s plans to have two large scale battery storage projects in place by January 1, but the winners of the much-heralded battery storage tender – which attracted more than 100 proposals – is still not known.

Forest plan fires debate
ONE in five Victorians has heard of the Great Forest National Park plan, say proponents, but whether you’re among the 20 per cent or not, this feature by Kath Sullivan is a must read.

Victoria bushfire map

NSW network to trial 1MWh grid support battery, as new suburbs boom
NSW network operator Endeavour Energy is set to trial a 1MWh grid-connected battery in the booming Wollongong suburb of West Dapto, in a bid to defer the construction of a costly new substation, and reduce network investment by up to $1 million a year.

Research suggests Tony Abbott’s climate views are welcome in the Hunter Valley
Vanessa Bowden

The troubling self-hatred behind declaring Sydney full
Elizabeth Farrelly

UK solar fund buys stakes in three Queensland projects
UK-based Foresight Solar Fund Limited continues Australian buying spree, taking shares in three Queensland projects under development.

Work on Adani mine to begin in days
ADANI will start construction of its Carmichael mine within days and says it will meet the December target to raise the estimated $2 billion it needs in funding.

Adani says it will break ground on Carmichael rail link ‘within days’
Federal government concessional loan is yet to be secured but the group is confident of delivering first shipment in March 2020

$10 a scalp: council offers cat bounty
FERAL cats are now a hunted species in a large part of Queensland after a local council announced it would pay $10 for an adult cat’s scalp and $5 for a kitten.

Leigh Creek Energy gets nod for $10M raising
Leigh Creek Energy shareholders have approved the final $9.98 million tranche of a capital raising which clears the way financially for the company to go ahead with a pilot project.

Candidate wants smarter approach to urban infill
Hotter, noisier, less green and less energy-efficient — that is the future of urban Adelaide if planning policies do not change, according to a state election independent candidate.

Household bills haven’t risen to cover Basslink’s $180m, Government says
The State Government rejects an energy expert’s claim that its failure to recoup $180 million spent mitigating last year’s energy crisis has pushed up household power bills.

Call for increased protections after large-scale penguin deaths in Antarctica
The death of thousands of Adelie penguins sparks a new bid to agree on protections in east Antarctica during next week’s world meeting of Antarctic stakeholders in Hobart.

Job promise for wind farm
Cattle Hill Wind Farm developers are looking to locals for help.

NT ‘has to capitalise’ on Inpex project
THE Territory must capitalise on the next phase of the Inpex LNG project, the two former chief ministers and two senior bureaucrats who struck the $34 billion deal have said

Pine Gap FOI bombshell: Australia has ‘full knowledge and concurrence’
New FOI documents appear to show Australia has full knowledge of US activities at Pine Gap, which may have serious ramifications for the nation.,10817

Shorten to commit $700m to Perth rail line

A cheap sodium salt battery could shake up grid storage.
Stanford University researchers have made a sodium-ion battery that can store the same amount of energy as today’s ubiquitous lithium-ion batteries at much lower cost.

Disasters make 14 million people homeless each year.
About 14 million people are being made homeless on average each year as a result of sudden disasters such as floods and storms, new figures show.

Human success at the expense of other species is “a pretty awful legacy.”
Author Elizabeth Kolbert challenges us to see human history through the eyes of other animals

Penguin catastrophe leads to demands for protection in Antarctica.
Only two Adélie penguin chicks from a colony of more than 18,000 breeding pairs have survived the Antarctic summer due to unusually extensive sea ice, prompting environmental campaigners to call for a new protected marine area.