Avoid Gulf stream disruption at all costs, scientists warn
How close the world is to a catastrophic collapse of giant ocean currents is unknown, making halting global warming more critical than ever, scientists say

Exxon fails to block climate change probe
Exxon Mobil has failed to block Massachusetts’ attorney general from accessing documents in a climate change investigation.

The most important climate treaty you’ve never heard of
This unsung treaty limits pollutants that increase global warming or hurt human health. Its latest update—which adds black carbon—could be ratified this year.

A North American climate boundary has shifted 140 miles east due to global warming
John Wesley Powell first described a clear boundary running longitudinally through North America along the 100thmeridian. Now, 140 years later, scientists have confirmed that such a sharp climatic boundary exists and that it is slowly shifting east due to climate change.

The Climate and the Cross: Evangelical Christians debate climate change
The latest Guardian documentary asks whether a group of Christian Americans might offer salvation for the country’s attitude towards climate change.

Global warming is a central bank issue
Ferdinando Giugliano
Monitoring the impact of climate change on financial stability is sensible, but tipping the scales is dangerous.

Design of national energy guarantee revealed, but key details omitted
Technical framework of scheme outlined for first time in a 54-page document circulated by the Energy Security Board

NAB’s Mike Baird bets on green energy bonanza
How NAB’s Mike Baird is navigating the politically and financially sensitive job of managing the NAB’s exposure to the energy sector.

How the National Energy Guarantee works [PAYWALL]
The draft National Energy Guarantee aims to build on existing rules and practices and trigger investments to firm up wind and solar energy, reduce blackouts and lower prices.

Household power prices to rise [PAYWALL]
Surging power prices are a hot button political issue with a federal election looming and Mr Frydenberg trying to steer the National Energy Guarantee past the states.

NEG high level design document at a glance
Highlights from the high level NEG document distributed to COAG energy ministers ahead of next Friday’s meeting.

Energy Security Board makes big concessions on NEG
ESB makes major concessions, dropping push for physical contracts on emissions, and a “light touch” reliability obligation. However, major policy issues are addressed in separate government document that even the ESB had not seen.

Residents can fight back against makeshift dumps
Alison Barrett & Jillian Barrett
There’s been a lot of discussion about the potential impact of China’s decision to limit the amount of waste it imports, with some commentators expressing fear that our Aussie streets will become littered with rubbish as a result of this ‘waste crisis’.

Hard truth defines Libs split [PAYWALL]
Paul Kelly
The conflict between Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and Abbott-led populist conservatives could hardly be sharper.

Firefighters control large rubbish tip blaze in Melbourne’s east
More than 100 firefighters have battled for three hours in windy conditions to control a large blaze at a rubbish tip in Melbourne’s east.

Explainer: how do we make hydrogen from coal, and is it really a clean fuel?
Jessica Allen, University of Newcastle
Energy giant AGL this week unveiled plans to produce hydrogen power at its Loy Yang A coal station. But how do we transform coal, which is often thought of as simply made of carbon, into hydrogen – a completely different element?

NSW riled by lack of ‘fit and proper’ for offshore gas exploration
Companies exploring for energy off the NSW coast should be subject to the same “fit and proper person test” as those on land, the Berejiklian government says

Smoke blankets Sydney after hazard reduction burns across the state
In addition to labouring through scorching temperatures that are unprecedented for this time of year, some Sydneysiders on Friday have also had to cope with deteriorating air quality.

NSW government: good at big ideas, not the follow-through
SMH editorial
It is both a news story on its own, and a metaphor: the light rail project has ground to a halt.

National arboretum loved by visitors, but what about the trees?
It’s now one of Canberra’s most popular destinations, and has far surpassed expectations in terms of visitor numbers and public engagement. But is the National Arboretum Canberra, the $70 million tree collection created as a symbol of healing after the city was devastated by bushfires in 2003, a tourism success, a botanical failure, or both?

Bundaberg suburb’s contaminated water turned off a week after PFAS concerns raised
Queensland Health says a contaminated water supply was switched off in a Bundaberg suburb near the local airport a week after first concerns were raised about unsafe levels of the potentially toxic chemical PFAS, but residents should not be alarmed.

Sydney light rail builder chosen to build $500m Queensland solar farm
Acciona Energy has won a contract to build a $500m solar farm in Queensland as it takes the NSW government to court over the Sydney light rail project.

Millions flow to anti-Adani greens [PAYWALL]
Anti-mine groups generate $25m in income, raising questions about charity status and the masking of political activism.

Turnbull accused of ‘breaking the rules’ on rail funding
Adelaide is overlooked for federal funding for major urban road and rail projects while Victoria and Queensland get billions of dollars, prompting accusations SA is being treated unfairly.

Anti-salmon farm activist joins Prosser candidates [PAYWALL]
A large contingent of candidates – including some familiar names – will contest next month’s Legislative Council elections.

Welcome to ‘cat camp’ — the red centre initiative tackling feral problem
Indigenous ‘champions’ representing multiple communities work together to protect native species from the great Australian feral cat problem.

Fracking tensions rise ahead of pivotal NT Gvt decision
Advocates on both sides of the fracking debate have endured weeks of nervous anticipation, as rumours around the decision suggest that Territorians could have their final answer within the week

Flight of the Conchords weighs in on West Australian biodiversity
Part of a costly state biodiversity audit has been slipped on to a makeshift website featuring a random illustration from a TV show, in what appears to be a belated effort to give truth to government assurances of transparency.

Gorgon gets stage two go-ahead in massive boost for WA
Chevron will today pull the trigger by announcing funding to ensure its $69 billion project off the Pilbara coast can continue.

Alinta unveils $45m battery [PAYWALL]
Alinta has formally opened its new $45 million battery storage system at its Newman gas-fired power station in the Pilbara.

Carbon dioxide from ships at sea to be regulated for first time
Shipping firms to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 as part of historic agreement

Millions to be without electricity by 2030, report warns
Double the population of the USA and the UK will be without electricity by 2030 unless governments invest more in renewable energy, a new report is warning.

End of the road: Are diesel cars on the way out in Europe?
A small environmental organization has taken on Germany’s powerful auto industry in court and has begun winning limited bans on heavily polluting diesel vehicles.

Radioactive sludge barrel ruptures at Idaho nuclear facility
The rupture resulted in no injuries and no risk to the public but possibly slowing progress in shipping waste out of the state.

The rise of green UX
The web’s carbon footprint is skyrocketing. Enter sustainable UX.

This company wants to build a giant indoor farm next to every major city in the world
Vertical farming may finally be growing up.

How to make global food systems more sustainable
Kathleen Kevany, Dalhousie University
This is a critical time for our planet. What we eat and how we get our food will shape its future.

The battle to ban plastic bags
Sylvain Charlebois, Tony Robert Walker
Banning plastic bags in food distribution is complicated and not all municipalities are on board. Are bioplastics a solution?

Make half of world more nature-friendly by 2050, urges UN biodiversity chief
Call by Cristiana Pasca Palmer comes ahead of a major biodiversity conference in Beijing in 2020

Climate change causing trees to bloom earlier, researchers say
Scientists are worried that as temperatures warm, earlier bloom times for trees could put them out of sync with insects they need for pollination.

Indigenous environmental campaigner killed by Myanmar government
Karen state activists mourning community leader Saw O Moo, who campaigned to protect a local forest and for residents’ land rights

How much booze can you drink before it starts killing you? Not much
Drinking more than six glasses of wine or cans of beer a week reduces your life expectancy, according to the one of the largest-ever studies on global alcohol consumption