Climate Change
Environmental justice plays key role in winning next generation of climate policies.
Strela Cervas Medium
To be successful, and to win on climate, we must address the impacts on communities of color. Environmental justice needs to be front and center.

Potential breakthrough in treatment for koalas with chlamydia
A team of scientists accidentally made a breakthrough in the treatment of koalas with chlamydia, a disease which effects up to 70 per cent of all koalas.

Senator demands no more water buybacks
NO MORE water buybacks and a full cost-benefit analysis of the Murray Darling Basin Plan remain among the top demands of Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm.

Sorry Josh Frydenberg, gas is not the answer to the problem of coal
Blair Palese
Despite the government’s sudden conversion to gas as Australia’s panacea to climate change, the only real solution is 100% renewable energy

EcoCheck: Australia’s vast, majestic northern savannas need more care
Euan Ritchie, Deakin University and Brett Murphy,Charles Darwin University
Australia’s Great Northern Savannas are the largest and most intact ecosystem of their kind on Earth. But they still face pressure from grazing, mining and agricultural expansion.

Fuelling the fire: New coal technologies like UCG spell disaster for climate
Cam Walker
Given UCG’s disastrous history including Linc Energy’s irreversible environmental damage in Queensland, Friends of the Earth is calling for a moratorium on …,9393

Meet the employees ditching the car and using a bicycle for work trips

More park access for deer hunt
VICTORIA’S deer hunters have won greater access to the state’s national parks.

New South Wales
Wollemi pines face new threat to fragile existence

The battle for control of the most lucrative land in NSW

New contamination fears for Ipswich
THE Environment Minister fears Defence isn’t being open with residents near Australia’s largest military aircraft base, after it was revealed it was known to be riddled with deadly chemicals.

Legal win for Tasmanian anti-mining groups
Tasmanian conservations have a legal win allowing them to find out why two mining leases were granted in the Tarkine region.

Spring brings new focus on fuel reduction
THE Tasmania Fire Service has launched its spring fuel-reduction program.

Fox fabrication hunt continues
A PRELIMINARY police investigation into allegations that evidence was fabricated within Tasmania’s Fox Eradication Program has wrapped up.

Police patrols to help prevent Tasmanian devils becoming roadkill
Police will patrol rural roads in Tasmania’s north to help prevent healthy Tasmanian devils from becoming  roadkill when they are released into the wild.

Basslink report ‘on track’
The federal government will appoint appoint a new author for the second Basslink feasibility study next month after the former …

Dirty work for Tamar River’s clean future
Sea Shepherd Tasmania removes debris from the bank of the Tamar River at Royal Park

Blue skies ahead for Tassie parks
Vica Bayley
Protecting our wild nature has been shown to work, so let’s keep going.

Western Australia
Woodside revives Browse plan
Woodside Petroleum has revived plans to build a pipeline between its Browse gasfields and North West Shelf LNG plant.

No sharks caught, beaches open: Greens accuse Fisheries of shark panic

Smoke from Indonesian fires hits ‘unhealthy’ levels in Singapore
Air pollution in Singapore rises to the “unhealthy” level as acrid smoke drifts over the island from fires on Indonesia’s Sumatra island, the city-state’s National Environment Agency says, in a repeat of an annual crisis.

Native Americans take up a sacred fight against water pollution.
The Stillaguamish and other tribes want to preserve a healthy tradition of eating fish fresh from American rivers

Investing in off-grid renewables in the developing world: What you need to know.
Renewables are getting cheaper but there’s still a huge investment gap. Here’s what our expert panel said in a recent debate on clean energy.

50 reasons why everyone should want more walkable streets.
As more cities try to improve walkability—from car-free “superblocks” in Barcelona to heat-protected walkways in Dubai—a new report outlines the reasons behind the shift, the actions that cities can take to move away from a car-centric world, and why walkability matters.

A Texas startup’s big energy idea: Storing electricity underground.
Quidnet Energy wants to make solar and wind energy more accessible by turning abandoned oil and gas wells into energy storage vaults.

Chemists Develop Promising Cheap, Sustainable Battery for Grid Energy Storage
Chemists have developed a long-lasting zinc-ion battery that costs half the price of current lithium-ion batteries and could help enable communities to shift away from traditional power plants and …

Predictive Tool Vital to Sustainable Environmental Futures
A new predictive tool, which for the first time combines human perception of the environment with land-use planning and socioeconomic data, could help governments mitigate the impact of climate

Enviros wage war with Interior over leasing’s climate impact.
Environmental groups launched a broad assault today on federal oil and gas leasing, accusing the Obama administration of ignoring the climate impacts from leasing on hundreds of thousands of acres since early 2015.

Wildlife hero Chris Packham: anti-conservationists will not win
Insults, name calling and character assassination are no match for conservation causes backed by solid evidence, says naturalist Chris Packham

Australia’s stance on nuclear deterrence leaves it on the wrong side of history
Dimity Hawkins, Swinburne University of Technologyand Julie Kimber, Swinburne University of Technology
Is Australia’s reliance on nuclear defence agreements keeping us on the wrong side of history?

People’s tribunal finds Australia guilty over nuclear weapons
Hamish McDonald
Weasel words at UN working group; Turkish president moves to head off Kurds; Russia ‘shows off’.

Nature Conservation
Most sea turtles are swallowing ocean junk, scientists say
More than 50 per cent of sea turtles are ingesting marine debris, a huge amount of which is floating around the world’s oceans, scientists say.

Bill Nye on climate change in our national parks
We caught up with Centennial Ambassador Bill Nye to discuss how climate change is affecting public lands and their inhabitants, and how to get the younger generation personally invested in our parks.

Vintage posters of America’s national parks
A collection of posters created to promote tourism to the national parks is part of the creative legacy of the New Deal developed by Franklin D Roosevelt.

Will our national parks survive the next 100 years?
Terry Tempest Williams  Los Angeles Times
Remove our national parks and wildlands from the United States and what remains? An intolerable and lonely self-constructed world without the wisdom and beauty of a landscape much older and wiser than we are.

Now for something completely different …
Beyond burkinis: why science suggests ALL clothes should be banned
Dean Burnett
Scenes of French police enforcing a burkini ban have shocked many, but the anger is misplaced. The fact is that ALL clothes are awful and should be banned