NEWS – TUESDAY 25 APRIL 2017                                                                                                             

Climate Change
The 9yo suing President Trump over his climate policies
Donald Trump is eight times his age and a much more experienced litigator, but nine-year-old Levi Draheim isn’t phased and is looking forward to seeing the US President in court over his climate change policies.

This climate change doc is a wake-up call for Trump’s administration.
The filmmakers behind “Tomorrow” go deeper than scare tactics of global warming to unearth the complex layers underneath that are the true culprits

This app shows you what life will be like when the world’s ice melts.
Spoiler: For a lot of you, After Ice will show you completely underwater.

Climate change clues revealed by ice sheet collapse
The rapid decline of ancient ice sheets could help scientists predict the impact of modern-day climate and sea-level change, according to research by the universities of Stirling in Scotland and Tromsø in Norway.

Was that climate change?
Linking extreme weather to global warming

LNG ship cheaper than pipeline
It would be cheaper to ship gas around the country as LNG than build a pipeline from WA to the east coast.

Forestry statistics: a quick guide
Parliamentary Library (Australia)
This guide provides a quick overview of data sources for key statistics relating to the Forestry sector: production, trade and employment.

Know your NEM: The calm before reform
David Leitch
Australia’s energy market is in a holding pattern while we wait for court decisions, the full Finkel Report, policy announcements, auction process developments and legislation to set the path forward.

Someone needs to judge the performance of the AEMC
David Leitch
According to a news release by the Australian Energy Market Commission last week (April 19), the COAG Energy Council has asked the AEMC to directly inform the energy ministers’ own priorities and work program

Should walking and cycling trails be like freeways?
Alan Davies
Melbourne’s new Darebin-Yarra Link will be more like a freeway than a shared walking and cycling trail; it’ll be hard – and unsafe – for nearby residents to get access to it

Want to boost the domestic gas industry? Put a price on carbon
Andrew Hopkins, Australian National University
The current domestic gas crisis will pass. But if the industry wants to surpass coal and fulfil its role as a ‘transition fuel’, it should lobby for a carbon price to help it on its way.

Why Santos can’t sell more domestic gas
Matthew Stevens

Push for mini hydro-electric scheme in Yarra Valley

Conservationists call for moratorium on logging to save endangered Leadbeater’s possum
Victorian government asked to ‘completely prohibit logging’ on more than 100,000 hectares of the state’s mountain ash forest

Those crowded, late V/Line trains and those nihilistic feelings they leave
Elizabeth Lakey–but-theres-a-catch-20170421-gvptro.html

Licensing cyclists isn’t the answer
Matt Holden
Anybody would feel sad for Alastair Mackenzie. His father, Norman, was hit by a cyclist at a pedestrian crossing in St Kilda last week, and later died in hospital from serious head injuries.

New South Wales
Hunter Valley farmer wins international environment prize
A Hunter Valley farmer wins the Goldman Environmental Prize in the United States — the first Australian to be honoured in almost 15 years.

How a federal loan to help Adani’s giant Queensland mine could hurt NSW

Honour for environmental activist farmer, 83, surrounded by mines on three sides
For 30 years anti-pollution campaigner Wendy Bowman has stood firm against mining giants, supporting other landowners under pressure to sell

Fraser Island’s national park renamed K’gari
The national park that spans almost all of Queensland’s heritage-listed Fraser Island has been renamed “K’gari”, meaning paradise, a partial victory for traditional owners who are campaigning to rename the entire island.

Cyclone Debbie likely to cost Queensland budget $1.5b
Queensland’s upcoming budget is expected to take a $1.5 billion hit from Cyclone Debbie, Treasurer Curtis Pitt says, with the overall damage bill to private and public infrastructure predicted to reach $2 billion.

New crocodile controls to be reviewed in wake of latest Queensland attack
Crocodile management plans will be reviewed just a month after they were introduced in the wake of an attack off Lizard Island, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says.

Adani coalmine at heightened risk of becoming a stranded asset, report says
Carmichael project likely to be ‘cash flow negative’ for most of its operating life, according to Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

South Australia
South Australia heading to 80% wind and solar by 2021/22
Scenarios by Australian Market Operator suggest wind and solar could be capable of providing 80 per cent of South Australia’s electricity demand within 5 years.

Farmers feral over goat invasion
DROVES of feral goats are having devastating effects on the Flinders Ranges, destroying native flora, stripping trees of bark and transforming the landscape, farmers say.

The reason location of lost trees will be kept secret
A SUBURBAN council has ruled against producing a public report detailing the addresses of every property where significant and regulated trees have been razed in the past two years. Here’s why.

SA nuclear waste dump would deliver $257b
Momentum is growing for the construction of a nuclear waste facility in Australia to store and dispose of spent nuclear fuel rods and other waste from around the world in a project which would deliver $257 billion in revenue with signs of a bipartisan approach from the major federal political parties on the issue.

Could South Australia be the nation’s hydrogen state, too?
Valdis Dunis
SA might soon add a new clean feather to its cap, announcing plans to go heavily into the hydrogen industry.

Tassal press conference on fish farm ‘dead zones’ cut short
Tasmania’s biggest salmon producer, Tassal, is accused of not being transparent, after the CEO’s media adviser stepped in to cut short a press conference when questions were being asked.

Rescued wildlife need your help
A BIG influx in the number of rescued animals has led to a shortage of towels at Bonorong … and the public can help.

Can Tasmania be turned into Australia’s peak load generator?
Chris Harries
Pitching Tasmania as a ‘renewable energy engine’ for the nation is probably clever politics , but the main problem is that it’s simply fanciful.

Northern Territory
Indigenous rangers partner with national parks rangers in national first
Indigenous rangers collaborate with Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife rangers in Nitmiluk National Park to manage its savanna program, in an Australian-first agreement.

Western Australia
Online shark alerts better than signage: WA Tourism Minister
Western Australia’s Tourism Minister Paul Papalia says he is open to a new online warning system to advise swimmers about shark threats, rather than erecting signs at beaches.

Lead in water pipes at Perth medical precinct, audit finds
Lead contamination in the new Perth Children’s Hospital’s water supply most likely came from state-managed pipes which circle the whole QEII medical precinct, as well as the brass fittings in the worksite itself, a Building Commission audit finds.

Lies over kids’ hospital poison
An explosive report into lead contamination at the new Perth Children’s Hospital proves the previous State government lied to the public and tried to conceal one of the sources of poison in the drinking water.

WA’s mining income boost
The entire state has received an income boost thanks to the mining boom.

These 6 activists are risking it all in the name of environmental justice.
The 2017 Goldman Environmental Prize winners fight mining, poaching, and deforestation—sometimes at great personal risk.

Conservationist, author of ‘I Dreamed of Africa’ ambushed and shot at her ranch in Kenya.
The prominent author and conservationist, 73, was driving to her property in Laikipia on Sunday morning, assessing damage inflicted by arsonists at one of her tourism lodges, when her vehicle was ambushed by gunmen.

International food crops could vanish as groundwater disappears.
We already know that humans are depleting vital groundwater resources across the globe. But a new study shows one of the biggest causes of disappearing groundwater is the international food trade

Can slag heaps help save the planet?
British scientists are exploring ways to use the steel industry’s waste to capture carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Shenzhen nuclear plant declares war on shrimp.
Operators of a nuclear power plant in Shenzhen have surrounded water intake pipes with gill nets to prevent the accumulation of shrimp that caused a minor safety incident last year.

Free bicycles reducing pollution in China.
Innovative bicycle schemes in China and India are tackling chronic air pollution problems and congestion by encouraging people to stop using cars.

Graphene withstands high pressure, may aid in desalination
Used in filtration membranes, ultrathin material could help make desalination more productive

New approach to improve detection of landfill-related pollution
Spectroscopy-based tool offers rapid detection of mercury, could be applied to other contaminants

Freezing lithium batteries may make them safer and bendable
Columbia Engineers use ice-templating to control electrolyte structure in lithium batteries; solid-state is non-flammable, non-toxic and flexible with longer battery life

Caterpillar found to eat shopping bags, suggesting biodegradable solution to plastic pollution
Scientists have found that a caterpillar commercially bred for fishing bait has the ability to biodegrade polyethylene: one of the toughest and most used plastics, frequently found clogging up landfill sites in the form of plastic shopping bags.

Researchers develop eco-friendly, 4-in-1 catalyst
Brown University researchers have developed a new composite catalyst that can perform four separate chemical reactions in sequential order and in one container to produce compounds useful in making a wide range of pharmaceutical products.

Solar juggernaut marches on as costs continue to fall
Deutsch Bank becomes latest to revise up its near-term global solar forecast, off the back of further reduction in costs and a potential post-Trump “gold rush” in the US market.

Trump: 100 days that shook the world – and the activists fighting back.
Three months in, the future is totally unpredictable. But a dramatic fightback is under way. Four activists tell us how they are adapting to the new normal.

Trump’s top environmental win is in cutting protections.
Carolyn Lochhead San Francisco Chronicle
Nearly 100 days into a presidency remarkably thin on legislative success, one area where the Trump administration and Republican-led Congress have notched indisputable gains is on the environment.

Nature Conservation
Climate Change Predicted to Increase Nile Flow Variability
The unpredictable annual flow of the Nile River is legendary, as evidenced by the story of Joseph and the Pharaoh, whose dream foretold seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine in a …

Global plant growth surging alongside carbon dioxide
A trace gas present in the atmosphere in miniscule amounts is helping scientists answer one of the biggest questions out there: Has plant growth increased alongside rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

How fear of death affects human attitudes toward animal life
When reminded of death, humans become more likely to support killing animals, regardless of their existing attitudes about animal rights, according to new research from the University of Arizona.

Japan to exceed bluefin tuna quota amid warnings of commercial extinction
Conservationists call on Japan to abide by fishing agreements after reports annual quota will be exceeded two months early