Transport infrastructure costs blew out by $28bn in 15 years, says Grattan Institute
Major projects cost 24% more than promised due to premature announcement before full cost assessments, analysis finds

Clinton ‘will embarrass Turnbull’
The PM faces problems with a Clinton presidency over coal, warns an anti-Adani mine activist with links to her.

Aussies adopt digital to save money, go green
From backyards to bedrooms, faster internet is fuelling increased investment in smart appliances in a bid to go green and save money, according to leading technology experts.

The gas industry needs a carbon price to compete with coal
Andrew Hopkins, Australian National University
With gas prices high, coal-fired power has been increasing, which is bad news for carbon emissions.

Next generation pushes for green energy to renew Hazelwood power station
The Latrobe Valley is home to three coal mines and four power stations, but now the 75,000 residents in the area are facing questions about their future, but the next generation has its eyes set on renewable energy.

Greens vote surges in Victorian council elections

State slashes weed fight
VICTORIAN Government ­inspections of properties for invasive weeds and pests have more than halved since 2011, according to its own performance reporting.

Heavy spring rain has boosted fuel loads ahead of fire season

Andrews Government’s carbon print grows
THE Andrews Government’s carbon emissions increased by almost 25,000 tonnes over the past year, at the same time it was telling the rest of Victoria to lower its carbon footprint.

Rattlers’ route back from the scrapheap
A WAVE of nostalgia could help save Melbourne’s mothballed W-Class trams from their trundle to the scrapheap.

New South Wales
Hundreds rally against shark net plans in Ballina
Protesters gather on a Ballina beach to rally against the Government’s plans to install shark nets, following a spate of shark attacks in the area.

Coal activists risk driving India away
Foreign-funded Australian activists ­oppos­ing the $16bn Adani coalmine have ‘dampened’ ­Indian interest.

Winds may return threat of fires
RESIDENTS living near a large bushfire burning on the Tablelands having been warned to stay alert amid concerns it may flare again today.

Furious Premier demands answers on rail debacle

Look closer at anti-coal groups
Brendan Pearson
US charities cannot be allowed to use donations to halt resources projects here.

Green lobby plays hardball
Graham Lloyd
Australia is a key target in a global war against coal which has set a priority of shutting Adani out of Queensland.

Activists must respect sovereignty
The Australian editorial
Vigilante ‘lawfare’ on mining projects needs to be reined in.

South Australia
Adelaide council to roll out 40 electric car charging stations in 2017
Adelaide City Council says it is leading the nation in developing infrastructure to encourage more electric cars after announcing it will roll out 40 extra charging stations in 2017.

Lake Eyre has become a mystical oasis
IN one of the far-reaching corners of the South Australian Outback is a mystical oasis that has been evolving for hundreds of years and is now in one of its rarest forms.

Tasmanian students in the running for international renewable energy prize
Students from a school in country Tasmania make the finals of an international renewable energy competition and go in the race to win $US100,000.

700 jobs could be lost: Barnett
A Forestry Tasmania proposal to reduce the legislated sawlog supply could see major cutbacks.

 Time to climb on board
SALARY sacrifice sweeteners should be used to get state public servants to catch the bus to work to help ease traffic congestion, unions and welfare groups say.

Northern Territory
Remote community builds church out of junk from the dump
Having held services in parks and basketball courts for years, the remote Indigenous community of Manyallaluk is rejoicing after their new church — built out of disused materials — finally opens.

Western Australia
Real-time information for WA bushfires ahead of ‘risky’ fire season
A new website to provides a live feed of bushfire information to West Australians has been launched to give more accurate public safety warnings.

WA electricity supply at risk: Labor
The safe supply of electricity to WA consumers would be more at risk in a privatisation of Western Power, says the Labor opposition.

Spain ‘aiming for 100pc renewable energy’
Enough wind energy is being generated in Spain to power more than 29 million homes every day, according to one of the country’s biggest renewable energy companies.

The Hillary Clinton environmental scorecard.
The former Secretary of State could inherit a number of ambitious eco-commitments established by President Obama. Here’s where she stands on each one.

India’s solar power Is set to outshine coal.
India wants to provide its entire population with electricity and lift millions out of poverty, but in order to prevent the world overheating it also needs to switch away from fossil fuels.

What can we learn from one of the world’s most toxic accidents?
Filmmaker Holly Morris talks about her time with the “Babuschkas of Chernobyl” — the elderly women who decided to stay in Chernobyl, Ukraine, after the worst nuclear accident in history.

Nature Conservation
A gorgeous map showing every river basin in the U.S.
It can be difficult to visualize the vast network of rivers that criss-crosses the US. This map, made by Imgurian Fejetlenfej, shows all the different river basins around the country. The Mississippi River basin (pink), for instance, takes up most of the map

A changing climate for coral reefs.
Tropical coral reefs are magical places, yet if all the world’s reefs were placed together they would occupy a relatively small area—less than half the size of France

Now for something completely different …
Money really doesn’t buy happiness, new survey