Are humans making climate change worse?
Despite the mounds of evidence linking human activity, some still deny that humans are the cause of climate change.

Skeptics feel empowered to ‘keep pushing’ under Trump
Climate skeptics are gaining ground.

Mark Carney warns of climate change threat to financial system
Bank of England governor says firms must acknowledge risks to avoid ‘catastrophic impact’.

NEG to help extend life of coal-fired power stations
The Turnbull government’s National Energy Guarantee could help deliver increased investment in a fleet of mid-life coal-fired power stations.

‘Monash Forum’ should change its name says Frydenberg
He declared an “intellectually curious” Sir John Monash would have been more likely to support new technology.

Major parties close to deal on charities and foreign donations
Joint standing committee on electoral matters set to agree on unified approach

LNG to drive record $230b in energy exports
Australia will reach a record $230 billion in energy exports this financial year driven by an LNG and oil boom.

Quiz: What do you know about waste and recycling?
It turns out many Australians are still confused about what can and can’t be recycled. From what you should recycle to our biggest waste contributors, test your general knowledge with this quick quiz.

Miners slam Aurizon threat
Glencore says Aurizon’s threat to cut 20 million tonnes of coking coal export capacity is already starting to limit shipments.

PM snow job opens door to coal 
Paul Kerin
The Monash Forum’s “Coalist Manifesto” is nuts — but Malcolm Turnbull has only himself to blame.

Why Australia imports so many veggie seeds (and do we really need to treat them with fungicides?
Karen Barry et al
Organic farmers have reacted with alarm to a draft review released last week that recommends mandatory fungicide treatment for certain plant seeds imported into Australia, including broccoli, cauliflower, radish and spinach.

Booming population takes its toll on Melbourne’s trains
Population boom creates significant overcrowding, increased ‘dwell times’ during peak periods.

Council proposes pedestrian-friendly ‘superblocks’ in Melbourne CBD
Melbourne’s CBD could become largely ‘car-free’ under a proposal to counter a growing pedestrian crush, and planning experts and advocates say change needs to happen soon.

‘Car park in a bay’: Phillip Island locals object to ferry proposal
Kasey Burrell’s family has lived on Phillip Island for three generations. She spent an idyllic childhood on Osbourne Beach, water skiing, sailing, playing in the sand and walking her dog. Now, the place she hoped to share with her own child – due in August – faces an uncertain future.

Andrews under fire over infrastructure plans 
Victoria is the only state that failed to present any new ideas for infrastructure projects to the nation’s independent roads and rail advisers over the past two years.

MP says pill can stop pigeon poo
Defecating pigeons should be put on birth control to stop their droppings caking Melbourne’s public housing estates, an MP says.

Josh Frydenberg lobbies AGL board to force Liddell power plant sale
Energy minister says Alinta offer for NSW coal-fired plant ‘in the interests’ of AGL, which plans to turn it into a renewables hub

Liddell closure ‘risks market’
BlueScope Steel’s chief says closing the Liddell coal-fired power station would lead to a dysfunctional power market.

Power firm exposed on fire risks
Essential Energy failed to manage the trees and plants around more than 2500 of its powerlines in bushfire-prone NSW.

Gladys shows off her green thumb 
Hundreds of new parks and playgrounds will be carved out across Sydney in a “green spaces” drive as the state government seeks to strike a balance of growth and liveability in the city.

Councils will play key role in managing next step of Sydney’s growth
Jane Fitzgerald
Sydney is growing just as it has always grown. To plan and make the best from this growth we need to give the Greater Sydney Commission the time to implement the recently finalised strategic plans for our city. The last thing we need is another public inquiry.

Federal emissions scheme worse than doing nothing at all
Shane Rattenbury
The Canberra community knows that the future is clean, green and renewable. With anambitious 100 per cent renewable electricity target and some of the lowest electricity prices in thecountry, we are realising this vision right here, right now in the ACT.

One of Queensland’s largest irrigators expected to be charged with fraud
Expected charges against Norman Farming likely to throw spotlight on poor federal and state administration of Murray-Darling funds

Santos bid could cut off Cooper 
Former Woodside Petroleum chief Don Voelte says the Cooper Basin could be seen as a strategic national asset.

Apple says repeal of EPA carbon plan would threaten investments
Apple Inc said on Friday it opposes any repeal by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of the Clean Power Plan, which is a priority of the agency’s Administrator Scott Pruitt and would reverse an Obama-era program to curb greenhouse gases.

The myth of Scott Pruitt’s EPA rollback
His ethics woes are overshadowing the central fact of his tenure: He hasn’t done much.

How fake meat might feed your dog and help fight climate change
In America’s food-obsessed landscape, the quickest route to a new idea is to look for something already being done-and then make it vegan.

US gene-editing ruling delights plant scientists
Ruling paves way for creation of new genetically altered crops.

Adding crushed volcanic rock to farm soil could boost crops – and slow global warming
Planet-warming carbon dioxide could be absorbed using ‘enhanced rock weathering,’ a natural process sped up to fight climate change.

One man’s plan to let wolves roam free in the Highlands
The ‘custodian’ of the Alladale estate wants to turn it into a fenced-off wildlife reserve

Indonesia peatland swap plan questioned over deforestation risk
An Indonesian plan to curb the commercial use of peatlands, by swapping nearly 1 million hectares of forestry concessions on carbon-rich peat, risks simply displacing environmental destruction to other parts of the archipelago, green groups say.

Shipping’s thick fuel oil puts the Arctic at risk. Could it be banned?
Worried about climate change and oil spills, the UN’s International Maritime Organization is considering new rules for shipping’s fuel of choice.

Choosing Animals Over People?
Nick Kristof
Hearts melt seeing the wildlife in the Dzanga Sangha rain forest. But is it wrong to focus on animal welfare when humans are suffering?

How to be a giving person without burning out
When it comes to giving of your time and energy, recent research suggests giving selflessly — at the expense of your own goals and motivation — does not always result in better outcomes for those you are helping.