The Murray Darling Basin Plan is not delivering – there’s no more time to waste
Quentin Grafton et al

Exxon studies climate policies and sees ‘little risk’ to bottom line
The oil giant issued a climate report, demanded by shareholders, examining the threats to its business of a move away from fossil fuels.

‘Don’t fence us in’: Dingo barrier dismantlement could help farmers, ecologist claim
Dingoes struggle to attract the affection enjoyed by domesticated dogs, but an ecologist argues that letting them roam beyond the fence designed to keep them out could bring great benefits.

Summer heatwaves could provide future energy
New research has found ways to supercharge thermoelectric devices and make them up to three times more effective than standard thermoelectric semiconductors.

Shell boss says ‘LNG glut’ a furphy
Shell, Australia’s biggest LNG exporter, says there will be no LNG glut and it will continue to invest in new projects.

Australian cities are far from being meccas for walking and cycling
Dorina Pojani and Elizabeth Butterworth, The University of Queensland

The Murray Darling Basin Plan is not delivering – there’s no more time to waste
Quentin Grafton et al

Coalition efforts to restrict influence of charities go too far
Toni Hassan

Labor ‘like Corbyn’ on energy
Josh Frydenberg
Nationalising the electricity grid would impose a huge cost burden on taxpayers in a move that is illogical, irresponsible madness.

Taxpayers could be slugged $1.8b if West Gate Tunnel is blocked

Power blackouts compensation: Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria investigates disputes

High house prices and rents are ‘pushing out’ some of Sydney’s key workers.
Sydney’s nurses, teachers and emergency service workers can’t afford to live in the city with the closest affordable towns 100km away, a new report shows.

Fire bans in place across NSW ahead of scorcher week
A bushfire continues burn through the Royal National Park in New South Wales, as the state prepares for yet another week of scorching temperatures.

Flames still going after three weeks: Battling the endless summer blaze

Metro not the answer to Sydney’s transport woes
John Brew
The current woes of Sydney Trains suggest to me that the system has finally reached the limits of its ability to carry passengers.

Adani coalmine won’t get federal rail funding, Liberal minister says
Concessional $900m loan cannot proceed without Queensland government approval, Karen Andrews says

Gautam Adani says attacks on mine proposal have turned vicious and personal
Adani’s chairman Gautam Adani says the attacks against him have become vicious and personal, and assisted by green groups, opponents and the media.

Shorten ‘a walking sovereign risk’ over Adani
Matt Canavan said Labor, as the alternative government, was jeopardising jobs and investment and that leader Bill Shorten was “a walking sovereign risk”.

Reef in ‘deep trouble’ from climate, other threats: MPA

Pauline Hanson pushes for new Queensland rail line

Buses overtake trains as urban services slashed in Commonwealth Games transport plan

Elon Musk’s Tesla plans to give thousands of homes batteries: here’s how it would work
Elon Musk’s Tesla cuts a deal with the SA Government to give thousands of homes batteries and solar systems to reduce power bills. But there’s a catch — the power generated by the scheme won’t be owned by the households, and may well be sold back to them.

Could this be South Australia’s biggest private solar panel set up?
A massive $10.5 million solar panel set-up will make Adelaide’s biggest wholesale fruit and vegetable market self-sufficient and cut its power bills by $500,000 a year.

If Murray plan needs fixing, we must fix it
Advertiser editorial
The call by a group of prominent scientists to put a hold on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan so that its operation can be properly assessed appears rational, but it is troubling.

Tasmanian Tarkine forest advocates release political video spoken in Aboriginal language
In a first for Tasmania, the Wilderness Society and the Aboriginal Centre produce a political advertisement in the local Aboriginal language, highlighting concerns about protecting the Tarkine reserve in the state’s north-west.

 Tasmanian election ad narrated in revived Aboriginal language – video

Tas Liberals promise to break from national electricity market to reduce power prices
Tasmanian Liberals pledge to cut power prices by up to 10 per cent by removing the state from the National Electricity Market.

Tasmania election 2018: power prices plan welcomed
Welfare body welcomes Liberal plan to cut power prices as others warn reform will be needed

Liberal’s pledge $40,000 for mountain bike initiatives

Tasmanian Greens detail six-part planning policy for state

Is having a baby unethical?
When it comes to having kids, there are many things to consider, like your emotional maturity and financial stability. For some philosophers, the biggest question is whether it is right to become a parent at all.

How Bill Gates aims to clean up the planet
It’s a simple idea: strip CO2 from the air and use it to produce carbon-neutral fuel. But can it work on an industrial scale?