Monday 4 September 2017

We don’t deny harvey, so why deny climate change?
Nicholas Kristof New York Times
Imagine that after the 9/11 attacks, the conversation had been limited to the tragedy in Lower Manhattan, the heroism of rescuers and the high heels of the visiting first lady — without addressing the risks of future terrorism.

Trump names climate science denier to run NASA.
Joe Romm Think Progress
NASA scientists have led the way in documenting the scientific reality of climate change. But in 2013, Jim Bridenstine not only gave a speech on the House floor filled with standard denier talking points, he actually ended his remarks with a demand that President Obama apologize for funding research into climate science.

Canberra, Dili reach gas deal
Australia has reached agreement with East Timor on a long-running revenue dispute over oil and gas fields in the Timor Sea.

Plan to ramp up coal power
A federal plan is under way to ­encourage more capacity at the nation’s biggest coal-fired power stations.

Greens warn Labor not to do clean energy deal that protects coal power
Opposition told to be wary of doing a Finkel review deal with the Coalition that would prolong the life of coal plants

The gas tides turn south
Matthew Stevens

Firing up on energy with ammo from AEMO
Jennifer Hewett

Shorten’s seven deadly sins equal an energy crisis
Josh Frydenberg
The Labor Party used to pride itself as the champion of the blue-collar worker. But today Labors climate policies leave it a mere shadow of its …

Taxpayers cop brunt of energy plan
VICTORIAN taxpayers will cough up hundreds of millions of dollars to help pay for the Andrews government’s upcoming solar and wind farm auction.

Shake-up for one of Melbourne’s busiest roads to stop cars ‘sitting still’
Plans are underway to introduce 24-hour clearway zones along one of Melbourne’s busiest roads to try to ease traffic gridlock, the Victorian Government says.

Volunteers fear safety standards jeopardise bushwalking groups

Come clean on green cost
Herald Sun editorial
VICTORIANS won’t buy the Spring St money-go-round on energy and the hundreds of millions it will cost to hit an arbitrary renewable target.

Fire destroys 50 hectares of bush in Kurnell

‘Low confidence’: Expert panel raises concerns about Santos coal seam gas impacts
A Santos plan to develop coal seam gas in northern NSW has been found by an independent expert panel to lack key data that potentially underestimates impacts on threatened ecosystems and ground and surface water.

Greens MLA pushes for more natural burial sites

Capital Recycling Solutions’ Canberra waste incinerator needs cost-benefit scrutiny
Leo Dobes
Is a giant incinerator really the best way to take out Canberra’s trash?

Conservationists eyes Cape York
A CONSERVATION group which has purchased more than three million acres of rainforest across the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is planning on buying up land in Cape York.

Resources call for dugong management
A TRADITIONAL owner says indigenous groups should keep stock of how many sea turtles and dugongs are taken from the wild, but they need more resources to do it.

Oil seepage into Tasmanian river ‘disgusts’ Burnie residents
Residents of Burnie in Tasmania’s north-west are “disgusted” and “frustrated” about an “oily sludge” seeping into the Blythe River.

Hunting season needs sustainability
ENVIRONMENT Minister Lauren Moss explains the controversial decision to decrease the magpie goose hunting season and bag limits for this year

Ocean Reef harbour to become ‘world-class waterfront precinct’

Inside the US DOE grid study – an interview with Mark Dyson of RMI
Mark Dyson, a manager at Rocky Mountain Institute’s electricity practice, has some things to say about what the DOE grid study got right – and what it got wrong.

Wildfire smoke chokes western US
Parts of the western US are covered in smoke following one of the worst forest fire seasons, and officials are rating the air quality as unhealthy.

‘This is far larger than Sandy’: Harvey damage could climb to $225b, Texas Governor warns
Texas Governor Greg Abbott estimates the damage from Hurricane Harvey will reach up to $225 billion, calling it more costly than epic hurricanes Katrina or Sandy while fuelling a debate over how to pay for the disaster.$225b,-texas-governor-says/8868482

The great salmon escape: Is there a better way to farm fish?
Amorina Kingdon Hakai Magazine
We’ve just seen how open-net fish farms can go wrong. It’s time to look at the alternatives.

How to stop North Korea’s nuclear program
Peter Layton

What’s warping the faces of monkeys in Uganda?
A plague of concave faces, missing nostrils, and cleft lips. Some researchers say pesticides are a possible culprit.