Monday 31 July 2017

How climate change impacts congressional districts over next 80 years.
Two recent studies explored the climate debate at the local level. The authors of a report by Climate Impact Lab, published in Science magazine, ran 29,000 simulations to project the economic damage that could result from climate change between 2080 and 2099 in the U.S

Federal Government orders review of Murray-Darling Basin water use
After initially refusing to investigate alleged cases of water theft raised on the ABC’s Four Corners program, the Government says it will write to Basin states, requesting their agreement for an independent compliance review.

Did you know you can recycle unwanted paint?
A new national industry-led recycling scheme is repurposing paint cans and harnessing energy from paint.

Why aren’t more buildings heated using geothermal energy?
It’s clean, abundant, and will outlast humanity — so why aren’t more buildings tapping into the heat beneath our feet?

Shorten ignores the real inequality
Rowan Dean
NO BILL Shorten, the real inequality in this country has nothing to do with taxes and income but something else entirely – energy.

As the UK plans to phase out petrol cars, is Australia being left behind?
Michael Slezak
Britain has joined France and India in trying to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars, but some say Australia’s size makes the transition too difficult

Population debate needed
Herald Sun editorial
AS Melbourne hurtles toward becoming the most populated city in Australia, we need to make the bold decisions that have been ignored in the past.

The Metro rail tunnel is just not going to cut it
Age editorial
The failure to adequately plan and to invest in public transport has created Melbourne’s most pressing problem: congestion.

Glencore deal saves millions
Glencore chief Ivan Glasenberg is closer to his dream of consolidating the Hunter Valley coal industry.

NSW Labor backs new renewable energy corporation with Snowy Hydro funds

Gas shortages could cause NSW blackouts
QUEENSLAND’S rapidly expanding gas exportation market is being blamed for pushing up electricity prices across Australia as experts fear a gas shortage could lead to widespread blackouts in NSW.

Union spits and splits over energy
CONFLICT was limited on the floor of Labor’s pre-election conference but behind the scenes, a renewable energy motion caused a union dummy spit.

Queensland lamb birthrate booms after fence-building spree
Dramatic jump in region’s lamb production linked to construction of thousands of kilometres of fencing to protect sheep from attacks

Energy giants forced to justify price rises
ENERGY retailers are being forced to hand over details of their profit margins to the consumer watchdog after massive price hikes this month.

Aboriginal rangers discover rock art sites while conducting burn-offs in Arnhem Land
While burning off dry grasses and trees in Arnhem Land, Warddeken rangers discover a site that could contain up to 30,000 works of rock art.

Gas projects pick up steam
Chevron says its $US60bn Gorgon LNG is running at full capacity and the start of its Wheatstone project is imminent.

WA’s ‘green’ image could attract Chinese tourism gold
If the State’s tourism operators and the Government get their cultural messaging right, WA will not know what hit it.
That is the view of Chinese professor Sam Huang who says that by 2025, 220 million middle-class Chinese a year will be looking for unique tourism experiences and they should be looking no further than WA’s south-west.

Carry on glamping: Hot spots pop up across WA
Glamping hot spots are popping up across WA, with many savvy travellers opting to create their own destinations and bring along five-star luxury.

Scathing report on Ord Irrigation Scheme rejected
The $2-billion Ord Irrigation Scheme in WA’s East Kimberley is defended against claims it has performed poorly as investment and has created few jobs.

Millions of small scale fishers facing economic exclusion
A summit in Bali last week sought new strategies to help small scale fishers access global markets in an effort to alleviate poverty and improve sustainability

Carmakers’ electric dreams depend on supplies of rare minerals
With mining of cobalt and other elements politically and ethically charged, the hunt for alternatives is on

Electric cars are pollution shifters: we will need huge investment in generation capacity
Colin Read
Household vehicle charging will be the equivalent of running an electric shower for hours on end

Seriously, packaging drives me crazy
Rex Jory
I’M sick of it. Consumers are have been brainwashed into believing that packaging a necessary part of marketing. It’s not — it’s designed to benefit the manufacturers and retailers

Energy smart home could even boost your health
Luke Menzel
As gas and electricity bills continue to skyrocket, more Aussies are looking for ways to cut their energy costs. An easy way to do this is by making your home more energy efficient.

Meet the HWB: the only gadget you’ll need this winter
Clare Boyd-Macrae
In a world where technology continues to develop beyond our wildest dreams (and nightmares), one archaic piece of domestic equipment continues to provide warmth and comfort, both literal and metaphorical.
I’m talking about the humble hot water bottle

Loss of fertile land fuels ‘looming crisis’ across Africa.
Climate change, soil degradation and rising wealth are shrinking the amount of usable land in Africa. But the number of people who need it is rising fast.

Australians waste $70m a year on unused gift cards
Caitlin Fitzsimmons