Speed Date a Sustainability Expert is coming to Port Phillip
The City of Port Phillip and the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) are conducting an event called Speed Date a Sustainability Expert on Sunday 6 May.  This is your opportunity to get free one-on-one advice from a wide range of experts, including sustainable architects/designers, solar/battery, energy efficiency, strata sustainability, low water garden and permaculture experts.

The case for climate reparations
Who should pay the costs for climate-change-related disasters?

Solar powered clean drinking water maker trialled
A solar-powered device that creates clean drinking water from the air is being trialled in Australia.

$2.2 billion roads upgrade to target congestion in Melbourne’s growing suburbs
The Victorian Government announces a project to upgrade 13 arterial roads in Melbourne to cut congestion, while the Opposition labels the move a cynical “cash splash” for votes seven months before a state election.$2.2bn-roads-upgrade-package/9708260

Great Barrier Reef to get $500m to breed more resilient coral, reduce pollution
The Federal Government says it will deliver a $500 million funding package to protect the reef from climate change and pollution, claiming it to be single largest investment for reef conservation and management in Australia’s history.$500m-package-to-preserve-area/9708230

Ruthless energy retailers make life even harder for battlers
Energy companies are ignoring their duty to offer payment programs to struggling households and are instead cutting families’ power at alarming rates.

‘No signs of disease’ in Tasmanian devils trapped in south-west
Tasmanian devils with no signs of the Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD) were found in the state’s remote south-west coast.

Casting a fly in the ointment  [PAYWALL]
Daniel Hackett says the term wilderness fails to recognise Tassie’s cultural history and he prefers the phrase “wild places”

Shark patrols to continue after surge in sightings
Aerial patrols of West Australian beaches are being extended beyond April for the first time as whale strandings and a bumper salmon run contribute to a surge in shark sightings.

Bushfire which threatened homes in Balingup under control
A bushfire which had threatened lives and homes near Balingup on Sunday afternoon has been brought under control by firefighters.

Russia: Floating nuclear plant towed to sea for fueling trip
A floating nuclear power plant built in Russia has embarked on its first sea voyage so its reactors can be loaded with fuel.

Big Oil back to raking in billions
The world’s largest oil companies this week posted some of their best earnings in more than three years as they control costs and ride rising oil prices that are now closing in on $70 a barrel

Coal ash raising concerns over health risks in Puerto Rico
Residents of Guayama, home to Puerto Rico’s only coal-burning power plant, have been diagnosed with cancer, heart and respiratory diseases that they fear are related to coal ash exposure.

N Korea to close nuke test site in May
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has told South Korean President Moon Jae-in he will shut his country’s nuclear test site next month, Seoul says.

With flying cars coming, should we really be building new roads?
Frank O’Shea
The Government’s pledged billions for new roads. Instead, they should consider flying cars for future infrastructure,11443

Good news and reasons for hope
Bjorn Lomborg
We’re tempted to fear the worst, but the world’s big problems are being overcome.

Cycling is eco-friendly, inexpensive and good for you so get on your bike
Anne Savage
Avoid congestion, reduce emissions, save money – there are plenty of reasons to cycle. Each of us has a choice. You can join the drive, or enjoy the ride

Acid bath: The new threat to lakes and rivers
Freshwater acidification was supposed to be a thing of the past, but it’s back and it could be even worse this time. Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is the cause.