Monday 24 July 2017

Self-evident – and still inconvenient – truths on climate change.
Robert C. Walter, Dorothy J. Merritts Philadelphia Daily News
When framers of the Declaration of Independence outlined those famous truths they believed self-evident, we can imagine they unanimously agreed that logic, wisdom, and knowledge are unassailable, rooted — as they wrote — in the “laws of nature and of nature’s god.”

The truth is out on climate fear
Rowan Dean
RELAX. It turns out all the scaremongering about climate change and coastal regions facing inundation is actually based on ‘minuscule’ sea-level rises

Irrigators pumping taxpayer-purchased water intended for Murray-Darling Basin
Billions of litres of water purchased by taxpayers to save Australia’s inland rivers is instead being harvested by some irrigators to boost cotton-growing operations, in a policy failure that threatens to undermine the $13 billion Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Australia seeks to extend commercial fishing in protected waters.
Australia plans to allow fishing across 80 percent of its protected maritime sanctuaries, the government said on Friday in a proposal that would vastly extend commercial activity in the world’s largest marine-reserves network.

Government to formally assess likelihood of 2018 domestic gas shortfall
The Turnbull government will take the first steps on Monday to formally determine whether it will impose export controls on LNG, when Resources Minister Matt Canavan gives notice that he will assess whether there will be a domestic gas shortfall in 2018.

Josh Frydenberg and Labor’s Mark Butler are peas in an energy pod
Ben Potter
If it were down to Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and his Labor shadow Mark Butler, the impasse over energy policy would be resolved very easily.

No plans for second Victorian desal plant
Victoria does not need a second desalination plant, says the state’s premier, despite a report Melbourne could face chronic water shortages in 10 years

Melbourne recycling fire extinguished
A blaze at a Melbourne recycling plant has finally been extinguished with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade declaring it “safe”.

Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel project to create 7,000 jobs: Premier
Melbourne’s Metro Rail Tunnel project will create almost 7,000 jobs, including hundreds for apprentices and trainees, in what Premier Daniel Andrews calls a “profound investment in skills” for Victoria.

Shark a good sign for Sydney river health
A 150-KILOGRAM mako shark hooked by a fisherman in a Sydney river proves the harbour and its rivers are in good health, a marine expert says

Val Jeffery’s legacy is the need for eternal vigilance
Canberrra Times editorial
Jeffery was a warhorse for Tharwa and a campaigner for common-sense bushfire management.

Megamine owners show off ‘real Adani’
ADANI will spend almost $1.5 million trying to dispel the myths that have developed around its $21 billion coal project in central Queensland.

Dredge to suburb plan
DREDGING supporters have dusted off calls for East Trinity to be transformed into a new residential suburb built atop huge amounts spoil scooped from the bed of Trinity Inlet.

ACCC to hold first public hearing into power prices in Brisbane on Tuesday

Tasmanian tigers once roamed Kangaroo Island, fossil footprints reveal
Rare fossilised footprints of Tasmanian tigers and devils, as well as those of giant megafauna and flightless birds, are uncovered by scientists on Kangaroo Island, south of Adelaide.

SA’s energy revolution – what it means for Australia
John Grimes
The SA Government recently announced its partnership with Tesla to build the world’s largest lithium-ion …

Mountain bike tourism splits Tasmania’s east coast community
Another jobs versus environment battle looms in Tasmania, this time over the impact of a $4.5 million mountain bike trail network on the east coast.

Cable car polls strongly
A MAJORITY of Tasmanians support a cable car to kunanyi/Mt Wellington, exclusive polling reveals.

TasWater takeover legislation revealed
A new water and sewerage government business enterprise will be created under new draft legislation.

Harbour Clean-Up crucial for our waterways
THIS week more than 150 volunteers participated in the eighth annual Darwin Harbour Clean-Up

Jabiru: the Kakadu mining town facing closure seeks a fresh start
The town of 1,000 people is supposed to disappear as the Ranger uranium mine closes, but locals want to give it a new future as a tourism hub

China’s Belt and Road Initiative could redraw the map on global trade
China is working to develop a vast network of railways and ports dubbed the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI). That includes the “Silk Road Economic Belt” over land and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” which is a series of ports and railways.

A whopping 91% of plastic isn’t recycled.
Billions of tons of plastic have been made over the past decades, and much of it is becoming trash and litter, finds the first analysis of the issue.

Microbeads ban: UK government to outlaw microplastics in cosmetic products.
Any kind of ‘rinse-off’ personal care and cosmetic products are affected, but not ‘leave-on’ make-up or sunscreen after industry complaints about the cost.

The coal disillusion in Asia.
India, adding 8.8GW in new solar capacity this year, will overtake Japan as the third largest solar market worldwide after China and the US

Linear parks and the drive to ease congestion
If building new roads and fast traffic lanes does not cut traffic, can it work the other way round?

Should a healthy environment be a human right?
Nichilas F. Stump Huntington Herald-Dispatch
Do we have a fundamental right to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat safe food? The idea of environmental human rights is receiving growing attention worldwide, driven by our global ecological crisis. But the United States has lagged behind in codifying these rights into laws and in successfully furthering them

A healthy ocean needs viruses.
The word virus conjures up hard-to-shake colds and swine flu, but these tiny microbes are far more than just the culprits behind annoying human ailments. They play an integral role in life on the planet, and a new study has shown that for marine viruses, that role is more complex than we thought.

Trump administration seeks to sidestep border wall environmental study: sources.
The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol plans to use a 2005 anti-terror law to sidestep an environmental impact study for a section of President Donald Trump’s border wall that will pass through a Texas national refuge for endangered ocelots, according to two government sources familiar with the matter.

Mexico launches pioneering scheme to insure its coral reef
Hotels and local government in Cancún will pay premiums, and insurance industry will pay out if the reef is damaged by storms