Monday 23 October 2017

‘Destroying’ the plan to save Australia’s most important rivers
A $13 billion plan to rescue Australia’s most important rivers is being “actively destroyed” by the NSW and Victorian governments, which refuse to ensure water flows high enough to keep floodplains and forests alive, leading scientists say.

Christian leaders demand implementation of Paris Agreement ahead of climate conference.
Christian leaders from various countries have signed a letter demanding action on the Parish Agreement in 2015 as the next phase of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn, Germany, draws nearer

Geostorm is a very silly movie that raises some very serious questions.
Jane A. Flegal, Andrew Maynard Popular Science
Let’s talk about hacking the climate.

Back the wind and we’ll be ruined
Ian Plimer
Humans don’t change the climate much — just the laws.

Wind energy backing for NEG pressures Labor states

Call for vehicle testing overhaul as Australia’s emissions fight moves to roads
AAA says motorists are being misled by lab tests of emissions and fuel efficiency but green groups accuse it of delaying tactic

Turnbull, Frydenberg and Abbott’s electorates back 50% renewables target
ReachTel poll finds majority in three Liberal-held seats support carbon pricing, and more ambitious renewable policy

Frydenberg ‘absolutely confident’ energy prices will fall but gives no guarantee
Energy minister says he believes Labor and Coalition can agree on reliability obligations but differ on emissions targets

Rudd upped power bills $7.5bn
Consumers face an extra $7.5bn in power bills thanks ­to the Rudd government.

Oil’s not well: $4.5bn loss
Australia’s oil and gas industry logged a combined 2015-16 underlying net loss of $4.5 billion, a survey shows.

‘Destroying’ the plan to save Australia’s most important rivers
A $13 billion plan to rescue Australia’s most important rivers is being “actively destroyed” by the NSW and Victorian governments, which refuse to ensure water flows high enough to keep floodplains and forests alive, leading scientists say.

Capture carbon or miss Paris target
Matthew Stevens
The roll-out of carbon capture projects is miles behind where the Paris Agreement suggests it should be.

High court proves we have free speech against environmental wreckers
Bob Brown
Adani and the loggers should watch out – we have a right to peaceful protest to protect our environment

Business solar projects pay for themselves from day one
Nathan Henkes
Right now, you’re paying more money than you need to be for energy. Why? Because of the widely-held misconception that traditional energy is still cheaper than solar. It’s not!

Climate numbers don’t add up
Maurice Newman
The Bureau of Meteorology’s defenders won’t like it, but we need some answers.

Finally, an energy lever for market
Chris Mitchell
The Prime Minister’s National Energy Guarantee is a return to market disciplines.

Malcolm Turnbull’s power plan will cost him election
Andrew Bolt
It’s the kiss of death. Labor is now hinting it could back Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s new scheme to — allegedly — cut your power bills.

Charity responds to criticism over dingo adoption program
Sydney Dingo Rescue responds to criticism its program to rehome abandoned dingoes is “unsuitable”, saying while it would like to see more of the animals in the wild some are domesticated and need to be rehomed.

How taxpayers cough up for NSW shooters

Lucy Turnbull unveils plan for three Sydneys

Bradfield Oration: Density is fine but where is the infrastructure
Luke Foley
Our city has got so much going for it, but we need to protect what makes it so good.

Epic ACT border circumnavigation no walk in the park
In a moment of self-declared madness, ACT Region Conservation Council president Rod Griffiths decided to turn his passion for bushwalking into a 21-day mammoth charity fundraiser.

Palaszczuk invokes power play
Record dividends being reaped from Queensland’s high-priced power will be reinvested by the Palaszczuk Government to reduce power bills.

Lucky shot confirms mouse’s presence
A mangrove mouse with the remarkable ability to keep its fur free of mud has been found for the first time in Cairns, 500km away from the nearest population of the native species.

Queensland’s Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro expands

Greens stuck in the same old sit-in-uation
Tim Blair
If you ever doubt that Greens see the world in very different terms to normal people, just remember this: they believe the party’s relative success under Bob Brown was due to his irresistibly captivating charisma.

Five blackouts in six weeks avoided, just
Gas generators in South Australia have been forced to turn on or stay on five times in the past six weeks to prevent blackouts.

USA fire nightmare will happen here, eventually
Rex Jory
The tragedy of Santa Rosa will one day be repeated in the Adelaide Hills because of greed and stupidity

TasCOSS calls on government energy cash handout to be extended to all
Tasmania’s peak welfare body describes the government’s “one-off bonus” payment to help cover energy bills as “inequitable”, but a pensioner says it will help alleviate the trepidation of opening bills.

Clock ticking for lobsters ‘as big as a small dog’
Known as the Lobster Man, Todd Walsh grew up hunting the animals for his dinner. But he and others have since turned their attention to preservation and are worried the species is in deep trouble.

Sword project finds a mixed bag
Tasmanian researcher Sean Tracey will continue his broadbill swordfish tagging project in Victoria during the New Year, with a report expected on the program this month.

Fuel cell vehicle visits Tasmania
A hydrogen-powered car — the first of its kind to visit Tasmania — has been tipped to revolutionise green vehicle technology across Australia over the coming years.

Going back to the beginning
THE return to the Aboriginal community of hundreds of hectares in the state’s North-West is a small yet momentous step.

Victory for freedom of speech
Greg Barns
When the Hodgman Government introduced its anti-protest laws shortly after the 2014 election it must surely have known the constitutionality of parts of the laws was in doubt.

Company says it can remove chems from NT waterways
Scientists have developed technology which claims it can remove 99 per cent of PFAS chemicals from groundwater within minutes of initiation

Coleman rejects gas price concerns
Woodside Petroleum chief Peter Coleman has rejected analyst concerns around upcoming Pluto LNG contract pricing talks.

Fracking protesters vow to ‘put their lives on line’ after scaling rig
Invasion of site in North Yorkshire comes as campaigners say they have seen letter stating exploration is due to start

The eco guide to new mindful activism
Placard-bearing angry activists have their place, but their are other, gentler ways to make a difference

Biochar, the once and future agricultural mainstay.
Could an anaerobic charcoal offer a way to reduce fertiliser use and bump up carbon capture?

The E.P.A.’s top 10 toxic threats, and industry’s pushback.
The Environmental Protection Agency has published a list of 10 toxic threats it will evaluate first under a law passed last year intended to crack down on hazardous chemicals.

Why are you wasting my time?
HOW annoying is it, when you have a routine repeat prescription – such as a contraceptive pill – and you have to make an appointment for a doctor and sit idle in a waiting room?