Michael Bloomberg pledges $4.5m to cover US Paris climate commitment
Former NYC mayor criticises Trump for pulling out of deal

Energy infrastructure giants up in arms [PAYWALL]
Electricity infrastructure investors have warned on power price rises and investment drought due to a rule change.

Saving energy a thriving business [PAYWALL]
Soaring electricity prices have helped energy efficiency businesses like Shine On to double in turnover in the past three years.

Frydenberg stalls on woodlands protection after pressure from states and farmers
Decision on Tasmanian, NSW and Queensland woodlands’ on hold despite advice from expert committee

Timber mills consider legal options over Government’s logging ‘conflict of interest’
Thousands of timber jobs in regional Victoria face the axe because the Andrews Government has changed agreements for wood supply to six mills, with logs still going to the state-owned Heyfield.

Victorians offered cash incentive to cut power bills
The Victorian Opposition says a $50 cash bonus to encourage Victorians to visit an energy comparison website to get a better power deal is just a “bribe” for voters ahead of the state budget.

Fresh designs reduce some tollway impacts, but opponents not impressed
Fresh designs for the $16.5 billion North East Link tollway – the most expensive road in Victoria’s history – show it will still obliterate a popular tennis centre and affect a public golf course.

Cost of bike path plan through native parkland blows out [PAYWALL]
THE cost of a controversial bike path proposed through parkland in Fitzroy North has ballooned to at least $900,000, prompting calls for the project to abandoned altogether.

A pumped hydro site to make Sir John Monash proud — no, not Snowy 2.0
Paul Treasure
The question isn’t “if” but “how” to replace Yallourn Power Station with renewable energy alternatives,11420

The far north Queensland sparkie rescuing wildlife on her lunch break
Lunch times are a thing of the past for far north Queensland sparkie Brydie Maro. Since a video of her wrangling a python from under a house after it ate the family cat went viral last month, the Cairns mum has been busy taking calls from police, the local council and community members asking her for help

Retired couple capturing a treasure trove of data on Australia’s dolphins
Dolphins are among the most photogenic creatures in the ocean, and yet relatively little is known about the marine mammals. Two retired teachers have set out to change that, taking a program for high school students and developing it into a full time passion.

The big problem with our recycling [PAYWALL]
Once a revenue raiser for councils, recycling is now costing them — and is being stockpiled and dumped into landfill. So what’s the solution? And what shouldn’t you put in your yellow-lidded bin?

40 households on a tiny island are giving Australia a glimpse of its energy future
A smart solar and battery trial on an island off Tasmania is creating the forerunner of Australia’s energy future.

Plan to take away plastic [PAYWALL]
A Hobart alderman says a Chinese government decision is affecting recycling costs for Tasmanian councils.

Going it alone in the Tasmanian wilderness [PAYWALL]
Hermits have found solace in Tasmania’s wilderness for generations, including famous recluses Gustav Weindorfer, Jimmy Possum and Jane Cooper. And there are still people who go into hiding in this day and age, sometimes to find themselves.

Just a parrot, just a Tiger, just a species
Lucy Stone
Many years ago one of Tasmania’s most unique animals was hunted to death, its carcasses displayed on fence-posts as a warning to others of its kin – stay away.

Anti-fracking movement calls on NT Government to reverse a second decision
The NT Government’s backdown from a controversial $50m museum commitment has have given a jolt of momentum to the Territory’s anti-fracking movement.

The Ellenbrook train debate is heading down a strangely similar track
WA Labor faced plenty of criticism in the early 2000s when it started building the Mandurah rail line but today, it is hard to imagine Perth without it. So how will history view those against current plans for the Ellenbrook rail project?

‘You go in the ocean, you run a risk’: WA Premier speaks out on shark mitigation
Sharks make WA an “environmentally wild place” compared to other parts of the world, but the state government is doing all it can to mitigate the risk of an attack, the premier says.

More than 5000 homes without power as storm hits WA
Thousands of West Australians woke to homes without power as storms bringing thunder and lightning dumped up to 40 millimetres of rain over the state on Sunday morning.

Tired of waiting for electricity in Puerto Rico, man builds his own solar power system
Another day, another blackout in Puerto Rico; Wednesday’s blackout was the latest to hit the island still recovering from Hurricane Maria. But one man beat the power outages and his troublesome gas generator by switching to solar power.

Earth Day founder calls for an end to plastic pollution
Denis Hayes was the principal national organizer of the first Earth Day in 1970, and he took the event to the international stage in 1990. He is board chair of the international Earth Day Network, and President of the Bullitt Foundation.

This environmental group has sued the administration every 8 days
The NRDC is one of a group of environmental nonprofits fighting the Trump administration’s aggressive attempts to roll back environmental protections. They’ve been very busy.

Earth Day 2018 is more important than ever before
While public policies can have significant impact on the environment, personal responsibility plays a meaningful role also – especially locally.

Earth Day 2018: 7 things we’ve learned since the last Earth Day
Our understanding of Earth — and how we’re changing it — just keeps expanding.

A cynic’s field guide to Earth Day
I’m a big baseball fan. The ballpark is just about the only place in our culture where it’s perfectly acceptable to drop your beer cups, peanut shells, and hot dog wrappers at your feet.

When did the world get so noisy? [PAYWALL]
Susan Johnson
Traffic, building works, planes and new apartment buildings with poor sound insulation have helped deliver us a noisier world. Susan Johnson’s prediction for the future is that ‘quiet’ will become a precious commodity – as precious as air or water.

Earth Day 2018 is more important than ever before
While public policies can have significant impact on the environment, personal responsibility plays a meaningful role also – especially locally.

Bright Past, Boundless Future
Rocky Mountain Institute Earth Day video

Mission to untangle female right whale highlights species’ precarious plight
Removing a thick fishing rope from a highly fertile whale’s jaw was a priority for scientists who fear the species may be in terminal decline

Helping farmers and reducing car crashes: the surprising benefits of predators
Christopher O’Bryan et al
Dingoes increase cattle yields, mountain lions reduce car crashes and vultures eat organic waste: like them or not, predators help humans.