Monday 20 November 2017

My granddaughter will be 35 in 2050. I grieve that she will know silent and empty places
Christine Milne
Australia’s white lemuroid possum became my symbol for habitat loss and global warming that will send one-third of species to extinction by mid-century

‘We should be on the offensive’ – James Hansen calls for wave of climate lawsuits
Veteran climate scientist says litigation campaign against government and fossil fuels companies is essential alongside political mobilisation in fighting ‘growing, mortal threat’ of global warming

Can Carbon-Dioxide Removal Save the World?
CO2 could soon reach levels that, it’s widely agreed, will lead to catastrophe.

Renewables could reliably contribute 50% to power grid, says Alan Finkel
Chief scientist warns in new report that Australia risks missing out on global growth industry of energy storage because of ongoing policy uncertainty

Energy storage batteries to help solve crisis and reduce power prices
Australian homes could become giant batteries to help solve the energy crisis and reduce power prices, according to a new report.

Australia could be ‘world leader’ in energy storage despite public skepticism

My granddaughter will be 35 in 2050. I grieve that she will know silent and empty places
Christine Milne
Australia’s white lemuroid possum became my symbol for habitat loss and global warming that will send one-third of species to extinction by mid-century

Climate change starts at home
Mark Honey
As a fifth-generation dairy farmer, my family has weathered many changes over the years. Climate change is certainly creating a challenge.

Time to focus on the war on coal
Tim Blair
Now that we’ll all soon be able to get gay married, maybe it’s time to examine another pressing social issue. Such as how difficult it might be to hold a same-sex wedding ceremony when there’s no electricity.

Victorian Opposition signals traffic congestion as key election issue
Traffic lights would be removed from more than 50 congested road intersections with new underpasses created under a $5 billion pitch from Matthew Guy, one year before the state election, to voters concerned about congestion in Melbourne and Geelong.

Dozen’s of state’s lakes and ponds are ‘highly contaminated’

Graham moved $1m worth of elephant ivory around the world from his Sydney terrace

The Sydney commuters facing longer train trips

Replacing Liddell with renewables is $1.4b cheaper than government plan: report

Canberra climate action on show at UN talks in Germany

Queensland election 2017: Research says ALP’s renewable energy target will force closure of coal-fired power stations

‘Babies clinging to dead mothers’: Dozens of bats killed on coast

Australia’s reputation faces ‘serious’ risks over Adani loan

Batteries, hydro could have prevented South Australia’s statewide blackout, expert report says — but it would be hugely expensive

Adelaide bridal couture house Caleche unveils wedding dresses made from recycled materials

AGL to expand energy plan that allows householders to sell or share excess solar power
South Australia’s biggest electricity company AGL has announced the successful trial and expansion of a so-called “peer-to-peer” trading scheme in Adelaide, which uses an app to share the power.

More Adelaide bars, hotels ditching plastic straws

Liberals pledge to have recreational activities at South Australian reservoirs
Opposition Leader Steven Marshall told the Sunday Mail seven reservoirs — from the bottom of Fleurieu Peninsula to the West Coast — would become water playgrounds.

Fury at wombat deaths
The clearing of land of gorse sees wombat burrows buried and burned.

Renewable energy trial provides King Island with free power

‘I’ve never seen so much destruction’: Kalgoorlie storm leaves thousands without power

Browse back on Shell’s agenda
Shell’s local chair has thrown her support behind plans to finally develop the massive Browse gasfields off WA.

UK considers tax on single-use plastics to tackle ocean pollution
Chancellor to announce call for evidence on possible measures to cut use of plastics such as takeaway cartons and packaging

The world’s first “negative emissions” plant has opened in Iceland—turning carbon dioxide into stone

Six Years After Fukushima, Robots Finally Find Reactors’ Melted Uranium Fuel
The Japanese government and companies used radiation-hardened machines to search for the fuel that escaped the plant’s ruined reactors.

Investing to make a difference
Jennifer Hewett
It’s called social impact investing and it sounds too good to be true. But it’s gradually moving to the mainstream.

Delhi suffers second smog crisis in 12 months, as wake-up calls go unheeded
Vijay Koul

The eco guide to the cod bounceback
It was great news for fish and chips fans when North Sea cod was certified sustainable. Steady on though, there are still things to worry about at sea

The top five email myths – busted by science
Emma Russell
Email is integral to the way that many of us work. Yet there is no universally accepted standard for its use, which leaves many of us struggling to find strategies that will help us work effectively without also overstressing or causing email fatigue.–busted-by-science-20171117-gznjjc.html