Monday 2 October 2017

From feral camels to ‘cocaine hippos’, large animals are rewilding the world
Erick Lundgren et al

Crisis-hit makers in gas plea
Global chemical industry investors have warned the gas supply deal doesn’t address the soaring prices putting tens of thousands of jobs at risk.

Frydenberg threatens states over gas bans

GST could be used to force states to develop gas, Cormann says
Finance minister indicates NSW, Victoria and Northern Territory could be penalised for their gas moratoriums

Our farmers must rally for climate change action
Verity Morgan-Schmidt
With no clear action on climate or energy policies, Australian farmers are scratching their heads and wondering how they can drive change.

Are we ready for disasters?
Anthony Bergin
Investment in mitigation is the key to cutting costs.

Pythons and frilled-neck lizards stolen from Newcastle’s Blackbutt Reserve

Turnbull turns up the heat on NSW
SMH editorial
The Prime Minister has long been accused of lacking clear thinking on the issue of meeting this country’s future energy requirements. It is an opinion unlikely to be diminished over the last few rollercoaster weeks where the joint issues of electricity generation and gas supply have been high on the news agenda.

Living Green Festival spruiks vegan wares

Green group in strife over alleged misuse of grant money
A CONSERVATION group that has spent millions of dollars on buying blocks of rainforest across the Wet Tropics has been investigated by authorities for allegedly misappropriating grant money.

Flood of irrigation protests over costly water
THOUSANDS of producers in the northern food bowl are refusing to join a new multimillion-dollar irrigation scheme because the recycled water is too expensive.

Council ahead of its energy targets
HOBART  City Council’s energy use and corporate greenhouse gas emissions have dropped by 30.8 per cent and 11 per cent from 2009-2010.

West Australians not prepared for fire season, DFES says
The official bushfire season starts in Western Australia with a warning from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services that only a fraction of the state’s population has a plan for what to do if disaster comes.

That rotten stench in the air? The smell of deadly gas and secrecy.
As the number of shale oil wells has soared in Saskatchewan, the risk of hydrogen sulphide leaks has multiplied. A year-long investigation reveals what the government and industry knew — and kept from the public.

Chinese firm behind Essex nuclear plant refuses to reveal security information
State-owned company refused disclosure of security arrangements for Chinese plant the Bradwell nuclear station could be modelled on

Why the world can’t give up its nuclear weapons
Tom Switzer

From feral camels to ‘cocaine hippos’, large animals are rewilding the world
Erick Lundgren et al