Fashion trends and shortage of space feed indoor plant fervour
Indoor plants are so hot right now that all your grandmother’s favourite easy-to-care-for pot plants are in demand, putting pressure on nurseries.

It’s only natural: the push to give rivers, mountains and forests legal rights
It seems logical to grant protection to nature by treating it as a living entity. And the law might be catching up

Big is better when aiming for a solar-powered winter
Daniel Epstein is in the vanguard of a new trend in the residential solar market, which is surging to new heights thanks to home owners like him installing larger solar and battery systems.

Mining firm in talks with government over Clean Energy Finance Corporation oil field funding proposal
The company behind an Australian-first plan to use pollution from power stations to extract oil says taxpayers should help fund the project, despite criticism that it uses an unproven and expensive technology.

Meet the Bos house, Australia’s first solar-powered home
Amid fears of an oil shortage in the 1970s, a Victorian couple decided they wanted to get off the electricity grid and build Australia’s first fully solar-powered home.

Metro Tunnel work prompts crack risk at St Paul’s Cathedral, Town Hall
The walls of St Paul’s Cathedral and Melbourne Town Hall are at risk of cracking due to vibrations caused by underground tunnelling for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel, the consortium overseeing key parts of the $11 billion project has warned.

We’ve grown complacent about water again, Melbourne
Erin Stewart
Melburnians were greedy for water over the summer, causing dams across the city to drop by 64 billion litres to 65 per cent capacity. We consumed more water than in previous years and as a result the water levels are well under target. Melbourne Water says that each person needs to use six fewer litres of water per day to get back on track.

‘Surrounded by secrecy’: Government undecided on Shenhua coal mine
Calls for greater openness over a $1.2 billion coal mine proposed for the Liverpool Plains are mounting after the Berejiklian government admitted it had taken more than two years to make a key decision on the project’s future.

Council and community farming the sun together
Sharyn Hunnisett
Regional communities are turning to clean energy solutions to combat energy price hikes. Lismore, in northern New South Wales, is no exception, embracing renewable energy and partnered with the Lismore City Council to develop Australia’s largest floating solar farm.

Canberra glass dumped over border still hasn’t been cleaned up, three years on
Once it glistened in the sun, now it is choked through with weeds but you can still see it from the Federal Highway.

Riverview applies for EIS exemption for Ginninderry with ACT planning authority
The joint venture behind the huge Ginninderry cross-border residential development has applied for an environmental impact statement exemption for the vast bulk of the land release on the territory side of the border.

Shorten hit by Adani fallout
The Labor leader’s vow to stop the coalmine has damaged him, but the Coalition is still facing a 20-seat rout.

Traditional hunters defend their turf
Indigenous hunters have racked up thousands of dollars in penalties after being caught butchering a dugong and two turtles near Fraser Island in waters they have no traditional claim to.

Coming for us: Space station will reach Earth in hours
An out-of-control Chinese space station is hurtling towards Earth and is expected to re-enter the atmosphere today.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt ‘may be on way out’ over condo deal, senator says
Doug Jones, Bernie Sanders and Chris Christie add to pressure over $50-a-night deal linked to chief executive of energy lobbying firm

Living on Earth: US Gov’t spending goes green
Billions of dollars in additional funds for scientific research, including renewable energy research, earth systems observations and sea level monitoring were tucked inside the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending measure passed March 23.

California bans climate-warming HFCs in new air-conditioning and refrigeration
The state’s move follows a court ruling that EPA lacks authority to regulate the potent greenhouse gases. Industry leaders had supported an HFCs phase-out.

20% of American diets have the highest carbon footprint
Just 20% of Americans are responsible for 46% of the food-related greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

Lessons from the densest neighborhoods across Europe
Built at the same time for the same reasons, many of these districts even followed the same path to becoming desirable today.

China ‘environment census’ reveals 50% rise in pollution sources
Ministry says country has 9 million sources of pollution, with factories breaking emissions rules the big problem.

Water scarcity looms in London’s future
The city’s water demand is expected to exceed supply within the next decade.

South Korea seeks China’s help on tackling air pollution
South Korea President Moon Jae-in said on Friday cooperation with China is needed not only to end tension over North Korea’s weapons but also to tackle the problem of air pollution.

Smog the canary in the mine for Poland’s political climate
Violeta Moura
Polish politics and deep-rooted conservatism have created an environmental and public health emergency that puts the lives of millions at risk.

Massive catch for Japanese whalers
Japanese whalers have returned from Antarctica with a massive catch of more than 300 minke whales, despite international condemnation.

When nature says ‘Enough!’: The river that appeared overnight in Argentina
A new watercourse is playing havoc with farmland and roads and even threatening a city – but also highlights the potential cost of the country’s dependence on soya beans.