Pipe Dreams – Fractured Lives
Highett Community Centre
2 Livingston St, Highett VIC 3190
7.30pm Wednesday 27 June 2018
This 67 minute documentary film will be introduced by farmer and filmmaker David Smith who will also take questions after the film. 
What if your government is risking the health of your family for quick cash? Join an Aussie farmer, tired of political spin, as he takes on a fact-finding mission into the effects of Fracking. His inspiring journey takes him from the southern point of country South Australia to Northern Australia and across the world to … MORE

Better Be Safe Than Sorry: Economic Optimization Risks Tipping of Important Earth System Elements
Optimizing economic welfare without constraints might put human well-being at risk, a new climate study argues.

Australian firms told to catch up on climate change risk checks
New report says Australian companies lag behind international organisations

Food swap ‘good excuse’ for people to cultivate real relationships
Backyard gardeners are meeting every month to swap organic fruit and vegetables without their wallet or expensive price tag.

An unconventional gas boom: the rise of CSG in Australia
In two decades coal seam gas has come to account for 30% of gas production. Here’s how the picture varies state to state

McDonald’s to replace plastic straws with paper
The fast-food giant is attempting to reduce plastic waste by getting rid of plastic drinking straws.

AGL’s Vesey urges Frydenberg to move beyond the blame game
AGL has called on the government and industry to work together to solve a substantial domestic gas supply shortfall, rejecting claims by Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg that it was to blame for higher prices caused by local supply being moved offshore.

‘Protection racket’: Royal Commission, senators to probe water woes
The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has been accused of withholding information about how it manages the nation’s biggest river system as it resists disclosures to the Senate and a Royal Commission.

Absolute rort’: Snowy Hydro seeks to expedite pilot 2.0 project nod
Snowy Hydro has sought fast-track approval for pilot works that would disturb 114 hectares of a national park and excavate about 750,000 cubic metres of rock.

Industry share back-up burden  [PAYWALL]
The nation’s biggest energy users will be required to use their own back-up power or dial down usage, as part of a NEG plan.

Anglo plans coalmine expansion  [PAYWALL]
The new head of Anglo American’s metallurgical coal arm plans to aggressively increase the miner’s Australian operations.

Extreme pressure is not stopping the National Energy Guarantee
David Crowe
For all the political rhetoric, there is no clear alternative to the National Energy Guarantee.

Time to ban toxic chemicals
SMH editorial
Revelations in Saturday’s Herald of a cancer crisis at a high school in the US have resonated half a world away in Australia with good reason.

Why electric cars should be powering Aussie roads
Graeme McLeay
The uptake of electric vehicles in Australia has been slow. There are a number of reasons for this, including purchase price, lack of available models, range anxiety and an absence of government support.

The mysterious migration of giant spider crabs in Melbourne’s bay
Tens of thousands of giant spider crabs are swarming in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay as part of an annual migration, but researchers still don’t know where they go once they leave.

The Victorian sites among more than 90 nationwide with toxic contamination
Is Fiskville just the tip of a toxic iceberg? Chemicals found in fire retardant foam have been detected at 18 sites in Victoria – including Essendon and Moorabin airports.

Parking needed for dockless bike share to avoid ‘disaster’: expert
The oBike scheme was a disaster in the making, and the only way the model will succeed in Melbourne is if bike parking is provided in and around the city, an internal transport department document advises.

Population pressure a fast-growing concern for Victorian voters
Concerns about population growth have risen sharply in recent years, suggesting it could become a political issue.

ExxonMobil targets gas imports  [PAYWALL]
Oil giant ExxonMobil is considering a Victorian LNG import plant to replace rapidly declining Bass Strait gasfields.

‘Like something out of the Jetsons’: driverless cars for Sydney
The government says ‘the future is here’ and it needs to be ready for the huge technology changes.

ACT govt nets $2m selling contaminated site for child care centre
Authorities say they put “additional protection measures” in place after discovering contamination caused by toxic fire fighting foams and before selling site.

Canberrans willing to pay more for energy efficient homes, study shows
Canberrans are willing to pay higher premiums for a property if it is more energy efficient, according to new research.

ACT treaty needed to right past wrongs made against Indigenous people
Julie Tongs
The response of successive national governments over the last 30 years to calls for a treaty has been disappointing, to say the least.

Volunteers have challenge in the bag
You’d be surprised how much rubbish volunteers removed from one of Cairns’ most famously pristine beaches, in just a few hours.

Regulators at a loss on ‘missing’ toxic water  [PAYWALL]
Environmental regulators appear to have lost track of 60,000 litres of water contaminated with toxic firefighting chemicals after it was removed from Amberley RAAF base west of Brisbane.

What you need to know as plastic bag ban starts to take effect
Wednesday marks the dawn of a new environmentally friendly era in Queensland.

Murray-Darling Basin hearings to go public
The Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling Basin will hold its first public hearings in Adelaide on Monday.–spt.html

The future of Tasmanian wind power hangs on improving mainland interconnection
As Australia looks to the Snowy Mountains and Tasmania to be the Battery of the Nation, using the island state’s plentiful wind power will be reliant on developing new Bass Strait power cables.

Tasmanian tourism will benefit with $800,000 immediately available in 2018-19
The North-West Coast will benefit with $800,000 immediately available in 2018-19 for infrastructure and signage to kick start the state government’s plan to develop Tasmanian driving journeys.

‘Not safe, not wanted’: is the end of NT fracking ban a taste of things to come?
The NT government has lifted its fracking moratorium despite fierce opposition, reflecting the war of attrition being waged by gas companies

Fine delay for WA plastic bag ban
Retailers will not be fined for handing out single-use plastic bags until 2019, because WA is not ready for next month’s bag ban.

Where have all our insects gone?
There is a crisis in the countryside – and a massive decline in insect numbers could have significant consequences for the environment

China and India’s border dispute is a slow-moving environmental disaster
Ruth Gamble, La Trobe University
For decades, China and India have clashed over their disputed Himalayan border. This clash is also playing out via a development boom that threatens the health of one of the world’s biggest river catchments.