Monday 17 July 2017

Countries with coral reefs must do more on climate.
Countries with responsibility over world heritage-listed coral reefs should adopt ambitious climate change targets, aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions to levels that would keep global temperature increases to just 1.5°C, the UN agency responsible for overseeing world heritage sites has said.

In landmark move, GOP Congress calls climate change ‘direct threat’ to security.
Extreme weather and rising seas threaten bases from Virginia to Guam. For the first time, a Republican House has voted to recognize that.

If You Fix This, You Fix a Big Piece of the Climate Puzzle
There’s no single solution for climate change, but there is one that would be more effective than others. What do you think it is?

Maize, rice, wheat: alarm at rising climate risk to vital crops
Simultaneous harvest failures in key regions would bring global famine, says the Met Office

Climate change is ‘great opportunity’ says Richard Branson

Why aren’t politicians doing more on climate change? Maybe because they’re so old.
Sydney Sauer Vox
I’m a teenager. Unlike the average member of Congress, I’ll have to live with the devastation of climate change.

Climate change and farm animals
Guy Weerasinghe
As a veterinarian, my role is to advocate for the health and welfare of animals. Whether that be your beloved pet, or assisting primary producers with livestock. Part of my role is to observe trends and patterns that can prompt early intervention and response. This is why I’m concerned about climate change.

Low-rise buildings could be bigger fire risk, experts say
London’s Grenfell Tower fire heightened fears across the world about the dangers of high-rise apartments, but now there are concerns some smaller buildings in Australia could be even more vulnerable.,-experts-say/8711974

‘Most Liberal MPs’ are climate sceptics

Free plastic bag ban a green gimmick
Andrew Bolt
HOW convenient for Woolworths and Coles to announce a free plastic bags ban on the same day. Convenient for them, but an absolute pain in the neck for shoppers.

Environmental nonsense gone wild
Tim Blair
From banning the harmless plastic bag to blaming terrorism on climate change, we are enduring a periodic outbreak of environmental nonsense

Rays of light emerge in dismal national energy debate
Canberra Times editorial
The past month has seen surprising progress in the debate about meeting Australia’s energy needs.

Why I love a Big Australia, and you should too
Jessica Irvine

Victorian health staff fired over bullying
ALMOST 50 public servants have been fired from the Department of Health and Human Services for bullying, misconduct, and otherwise inappropriate behaviour.

Fire risks uncovered at recycling site in Melbourne’s west

Subsidised mines would be a $10 billion long-term hit to NSW budget

LNP members vote down call to pull out of Paris Climate Accord
Queensland Liberal National Party members steer away from a potentially divisive move against Australia’s global climate position, but support a motion to ban the hijab in state schools.

Power duopoly ‘upping prices’
ACCC chairman Rod Sims says the dominance of Queensland’s two state-owned generators has pushed up electricity prices.

Activist coal wars to heat up
THE mining industry is heading towards a huge clash with activists who claim whole sections of the community have been “radicalised’’ against coal.

Calls for umpire as power bills soar
HOUSEHOLDERS should be able to appeal to an independent umpire when faced with electricity disconnection for not paying their bills, the welfare lobby says.

This survey result on SA’s power will not surprise you
A SURVEY into the reliability of SA’s electricity system has what just might be the most unsurprising result of all time.

Rocky road ahead for cable car
THE much anticipated cable car development now faces a road potentially as challenging and unpredictable as the kunyani/Mt Wellington landscape itself.

State’s renewable energy sector gains speed
Examiner editorial
After nine long years a development application has finally been lodged for a wind farm at Low Head.

Fracking inquiry shows risks
The NT’s inquiry into hydraulic fracturing looks set to recommend changes to regulatory and legislative frameworks.

Kulaluk lease: NT minister upholds rejection of Aboriginal site heritage listing
Lauren Moss says she believes site of battle over land rights in Darwin is sufficiently protected under planning laws

Mozzies are evolving to beat insecticides – except in Australia
Ary Hoffmann, University of Melbourne; Nancy Margaret Endersby-Harshman, University of Melbourne, and Scott Ritchie, James Cook University
Australian mosquitoes, unlike their Asian and American counterparts, can still be controlled by insecticides like pyrethroids. What lessons are there for managing pesticide resistance in insects?

Smart or dumb? The real impact of India’s proposal to build 100 smart cities
Hugh Byrd

The eco guide to animal welfare
Britain is an international leader in animal welfare and now, fortunately, the message is beginning to spread – importantly to China

Back from the near-dead – the charismatic butcher bird
A rare sighting of a red-backed shrike, notorious for its habit of impaling its victims in a grisly larder