Monday 16 October 2017

Filters: a cigarette engineering hoax that harms both smokers and the environment
Kathryn Barnsley, University of Tasmania and Haydn Walters, University of Tasmania

Don’t consign poor countries to wild storms and flooding.
Hugh Sealy Newsweek
Wealthy nations caused the problem but are not doing enough to solve it.

Clean Energy Target not certain to lower power prices: ACCC Chairman
It is not clear that a Clean Energy Target would lower power prices, the head of the competition watchdog has said in comments likely to deal the troubled policy a death blow.

Market power drives energy costs: ACCC
The ACCC’s preliminary report into the energy market has identified a raft for factors for price hikes, warning skyrocketing prices are Australia’s biggest economic crisis.

Network costs the main driver of electricity prices: ACCC
A huge increase in electricity network costs – driven by regulation and over investment – has been the number-one cause …

Investment funds ride renewable energy gift horse

Australia’s household power prices rose 63% in past decade, says watchdog
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says lack of competition is behind ‘severe electricity affordability problem’

Dumping clean energy target is ‘dealbreaker’ for Labor’s support
Shadow climate change minister Mark Butler says scrapping the target ‘won’t get the support of the Labor party’

‘This is the future’: solar-powered family car hailed by experts
As the annual solar race across Australia wraps up, a Dutch entry averaged 69kmh from Darwin to Adelaide and resupplied the grid

Time to bid a sad farewell to the great Australian backyard

Energy prices will put heat on Turnbull government when Parliament returns
Jennifer Hewett

Why Tony Abbott’s climate snow job mistakes Australia for Europe
Greg Jericho
Conservatives cheering climate change always ignore how Australia’s economy will be among the hardest hit

Overdosing on a double shot of political stupidity
Rowan Dean
HOW do you best like your political stupidity served up? Neat, in a double shot, or watered down with a huge dollop of hypocrisy? That’s the basic choice facing Australians at the next federal election.

Energy crisis will leave the poor powerless
Andrew Bolt
WITH power prices so high, the very poor would have little real choice when summer heats up. They will sweat so the rich may have air con

Turnbull prophet of his own doom on energy policy
Jessica Irvine

We’re paying the price for climate alarmism
Tim Blair

Anger over warehouse plans for toxic Fawkner site

From coal community to pioneers of renewables
Gene Efron
The closure of Victoria’s largest coal-fired power station in March, Hazelwood, was expected to unsettle the Latrobe Valley following decades of coal dependency. Instead, it transformed the region into a leading advocate for renewable energy; a shining example for other communities.

How Melbourne’s west was greened
Casey Furlong et al
Urban greening projects in Melbourne’s west are contributing to making the region cooler, more pleasant and healthier to live in and travel through. The key to this success is the Greening the West initiative. Since 2011 this has brought together 23 organisations that, by the end of 2018, will have collectively planted more than 1 million trees in Melbourne’s west.

More sightings of an endangered species don’t always mean it’s recovering
David Lindenmeyer
If more sightings of an endangered species are recorded, does that mean its numbers are increasing? Australia’s native forest logging industry is arguing yes.

Sydney commuters to benefit from thousands of new public transport services from November

Campaigners from 1960s return to fight for Great Barrier Reef
Fifty years on from the first battle to save the Great Barrier Reef, conservationists and scientists say the fight is far from over as they revisit the site where the battle for the reef began.

Adani’s Carmichael coalmine won’t go ahead, Greens leader says
Richard Di Natale ‘confident’ if project can’t be stopped in parliament or for financial reasons, Australians will stand in front of bulldozers

Adani’s grand start a washout
AFTER eight years of court battles and bureaucracy, Adani’s plans for a grand start to its development on the massive Carmichael mine and rail project have been wrecked.

Government has the power, but doesn’t act
Courier Mail editorial
Queensland’s oppressive electricity prices are in many ways a textbook example of Newton’s Third Law – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Ancient Aboriginal burning techniques return to Cape Barren Island
Traditional Aboriginal burning is being reintroduced to Cape Barren Island as part of a state-first program between the Tasmania Fire Service and a group of Aboriginal rangers.

Rare white echnida spotted
A RARE albino echidna has been found in the wild at Coles Bay on the East Coast.

Probe into cause of fish kill at Vesteys
Darwin City Council has been busy cleaning up large quantities of dead fish decomposing in and around the mangroves near Vesteys Lake

Embattled sandalwood producer controls largest pool of Top End water
Embattled Indian sandalwood producer Quintis controls the largest volume of licenced water in the NT, significantly more than any other agricultural, industrial or government entity, ABC Rural can reveal.

Aboriginal elders on mission to identify protesters in historic Kimberley photo
Their memories may be fading, but Aboriginal elders in the Kimberley are working off a faded black and white photograph to identify people present at a historic land rights protest.

Bushfire threatens lives, homes in remote Pilbara community

Wild is the wind: the resource that could power the world
Wind isn’t just mysterious, destructive and exhilarating – capturing just 2% of it would solve the planet’s energy needs at a stroke. And as the windiest country in Europe, Britain is at the forefront of this green revolution

The eco guide to radical materials
Cotton has a disastrous foorprint, leather is destroying the Amazon, polyester threatens the ozone layer. Luckily there are some new fabrics on the way

Plastic bottle deposit return scheme could save England’s councils £35m a year
Cash-strapped councils would save money thanks to reduced littering and landfill charges as well as having less recycling bins to collect, says report

Sperm counts, testicular cancers, and the environment
Niels E Skakkebaek
A recent meta-analysis by Levine and colleagues showing significant declines in sperm counts among men in the Western world caught considerable media attention. The Levine study followed a similar report inThe BMJ 25 years ago. Should we be concerned? Is male reproductive health really at risk?

Filters: a cigarette engineering hoax that harms both smokers and the environment
Kathryn Barnsley, University of Tasmania and Haydn Walters, University of Tasmania

David Attenborough urges action on plastics after filmingBlue Planet II
Naturalist says experience making second series of BBC show revealed devastating threat posed to oceans by plastic

Parrot expert left waiting
Critically endangered orange-bellied parrots may not survive this migration season.