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Thursday 19 April 2018
St Kilda Town Hall Council Chambers
99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda, 3182

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‘Plastic is literally everywhere’: the epidemic attacking Australia’s oceans
‘It never breaks down and goes away,’ say scientists struggling to understand the impact of widespread pollution

New York Lawyer Burns Himself To Death To Protest Fossil Fuels
A prominent New York lawyer has died after setting himself on fire in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to protest against the use of fossil fuels.

Live by the heat die by the heat [PAYWALL]
Tim Blair
Brooklyn lawyer David Buckel died hilariously
[It’s hard to credit the insensitivity of this comment]

Australia urged to start recycling its own waste as China ban kicks in
The waste industry is calling for assistance to help it transition to a so called circular economy where waste would be collected, processed and then reused to make new products here at home.

Voters split on whether Coalition should build new coal plants or stop closures
Poll shows strong support for energy efficiency measures despite divide on generators

Labor demands charities’ advocacy be exempted from foreign donations ban
Bill Shorten says he won’t support ‘anything that punishes the charity and not-for-profit sector’

Energy guarantee talks in ACT this week
The federal government’s National Energy Guarantee may meet resistance from states and territories which are investing in cutting their carbon emissions.

At some point, climate change must be injected into the energy debate
Peter Hannam
It is past time the state of the climate actually got a look-in when it comes to debating what path our energy system should take.

It’s time to re-think traditional farming practices
Charlie Prell
To create a prosperous future for family farming we need to start embracing change.

Solving power problems is a piece of yellowcake [PAYWALL]
Adam Creighton
Championing the diversification of Australias energy supply to include nuclear energy makes a great deal of environmental, economic and strategic sense,

Let’s heed public opinion on migration [PAYWALL]
Rita Panahi
For how much longer will mainstream politicians ignore issues as crucial as immigration and population or deem them too difficult for public debate.

‘Renewable energy breeding’ can stop Australia blowing the carbon budget – if we’re quick
Mark Diesendorf, UNSW
Will the renewable energy transition end up creating yet more greenhouse emissions, as we ramp up the manufacture of wind turbines and solar cells? Not if their manufacture is itself powered by renewables.

Flesh-eating bacteria cases on the rise and we need an urgent response [PAYWALL]
Daniel O’Brien, University of Melbourne
Victoria is facing a worsening epidemic of flesh-eating bacteria that cause a disease known internationally as Buruli ulcer – and we don’t know how to prevent it. Also called Bairnsdale ulcer or Daintree ulcer, this disease causes destructive skin lesions that can lead to severe illness and occasionally even death.

Sydney bushfire still out of control but conditions ease for firefighters
Residents in Sydney’s south-west are breathing a sigh of relief as a severe bushfire that has burnt more than 2,400 hectares eases overnight.

‘Rogue development’: Re-opening of a Sydney landmark divides community
Nicholas Cowdery encountered plenty of bad behaviour during his distinguished legal career. But the former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions uses harsh words to describe the owner of the Pasadena, a derelict former motel on prime waterfront land in Sydney’s northern beaches.

All ACT government vehicles to be electric by 2021
The ACT government will today announce a suite of measures to encourage Canberra’s drivers to move to electric vehicles, as part of the plan to make the territory emissions neutral by 2050.

‘The grandkids drink the water’: Concerns over Bundaberg’s PFAS-contaminated water
Bundaberg residents affected by a contaminated water supply say they are worried and will take up the offer of free blood tests, despite assurances the risk to their health is low.

Fight for right to clear land [PAYWALL]
Powerful Cape York indigenous groups are gearing up for a Wild Rivers-style fight against proposed tree-clearing laws.

Check on Reef health [PAYWALL]
The flood plume from last month’s massive rainfall event extended as far as 50km offshore from Cairns. Scientists will head to the Far North to examine what this has done to coral reefs.

Barossa’s top drops facing climate change challenge
Concerns that climate change could spell ‘last drinks’ for some cherished wines are being allayed by creative vignerons looking to alternative grape varieties.

Active Autumn Amazing Race continues at Tamar Island Wetlands
Participants of the Active Autumn Amazing Race turned their attention to the Tamar Island Wetlands on Sunday. Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service discovery ranger Emma Dale said it was an opportunity for people of all ages to explore the wetlands while keeping active.

Surge in native wildlife orphans [PAYWALL]
Numbers of orphaned Tasmanian wildlife have exploded with the blame aimed squarely at hunters.

Social media, birds and desire to share culture help Yirrkala teen become published author
An inspiring young schoolgirl becomes a published author by providing a rare insight into the rich birdlife of her Arnhem Land hometown.

Hidden plastics: just when you thought it was safe to dunk a teabag
Five surprising objects that contain plastic – with toxic implications for the environment

UK government sets aside £60m to fight scourge of plastic waste
Fund to be split into three pots to tackle ocean pollution, research and waste management

Chemical weapons must stay a global taboo [PAYWALL]
It is vital we show that the world will not tolerate use of chemical weapons, writes Boris Johnson.