Has there been a “greening” of Christianity?
David Konisky
Despite some inroads, Christians in America remain largely unconcerned about the environment

Electric cars are breaking our roads, here’s how
The Government will soon announce a wide-ranging investigation into our roads. Find out why, and just how reliant your neighbourhood is on the car.

Call for national ban on cruise ships burning bunker fuel

Coal zombies show signs of life
Strong coal prices and new assets are breathing life into some of Australia’s most unloved stocks.

Banks can teach energy giants about customers
Energy suppliers have lagged behind their banking peers on services and solutions to connected customers on the move, but Melissa Reynolds is out to fix that, at least for AGL Energy.

What Australia will look like in 2049
While we aren’t likely to have robot slaves or flying cars, the Australia of the future will look very different to today. Here’s a sneak peek of what life will be like.

Hoddle Street scheduled to reopen to traffic after construction blitz

Energy Australia asks Andrews Government to extend licence for Yallorn coal fired power station
The Andrews Government is being asked to extend the licence for Australias second largest coal mine amid growing doubts about whether its renewable energy target will force the mine to shut down.

Albert Park Reserve is a special place that deserves better
Margaret Fitzherbert
The recent release of the overdue draft master plan for Albert Park reserve caught many by surprise.

Foy Group walks away from plastics-to-fuel plant in Hume

State ravaged by drought
Some 120 million hectares of Queensland is in the grip of devastating drought.

The State Government announces plans to spend $32 million on tourist roads if re-elected

Fire causes ‘apocalyptic’ skies over Perth, but emergency warning downgraded 
Emergency warnings for a bushfire which has blanketed Perth in smoke are downgraded, but authorities are treating the blaze as suspicious.

Fireworks, gassing and gunshots: Controlling pest corellas
Councils resort to extreme measures in a desperate bid to control destructive corella birds across Western Australia as numbers balloon to plague proportions.

Joyce drenches Pilbara as Port Hedland resumes exports
Shipping has resumed at Port Hedland after Tropical Cyclone Joyce but it was unclear what impact heavy rains would have on mines in the Pilbara.

Salternas pushes Somalia salt
A group of Perth businessmen are pulling together funding for the world’s largest solar salt project.

Fifty years on, is life better for everyone?
Jessica Irvine