Monday 14 August 2017

Gore’s sequel turns up heat
Former US vice-president Al Gore does not consider himself a climate winner.

Ongoing role for coal
Josh Frydenberg says coal will continue to have a place in Australia’s energy mix, but the market will determine the extent of that role

Cheap coal power era ending: Morrison

Dick Smith’s $1m anti-immigration ad
MILLIONAIRE businessman Dick Smith is launching a $1 million television ad campaign tomorrow to pressure politicians to cut immigration and increase taxes on the super-wealthy.

Calls for Victoria to reregulate ‘unusually high’ energy prices
Victorian consumers are paying 21 per cent more than the cheapest offer in the market for gas and electricity and the State Government should reregulate prices, a bipartisan report says.

Vic energy review recommends no frills set price

West Gate Tunnel benefits ‘deliberately distorted’

Sydney’s underwater forest makes recovery in Eureka moment for scientists
Underwater seaweed forests that disappeared off a 70-kilometre stretch of Sydney’s coastline in the 1980s are making a remarkable recovery in a project scientists believe could help other imperilled coastlines around Australia.

How you can help keep track of the near-threatened platypus
A platypus census is underway in NSW and the ACT, with volunteers playing an important role in protecting and tracking the near-threatened species.

Putting drivers on road to ruin
SYDNEY’S drivers will be slugged with a staggering toll rise on the WestConnex of more than 25 per cent by the time it is completed in 2023, the opposition claims.

Cabinet leak: Sydney to Parramatta in 15 minutes

World Heritage Status for Royal National Park stalled

Icon Water’s pricing proposal: Lowest ACT water users facing biggest proportional price rises
Canberra Times editorial
Canberrans who use the least amount of water will be those facing the biggest proportional price increases under new proposals from the ACT’s monopoly provider.

Queensland’s hammerhead shark plan won’t nail protection: AMCS
The Australian Marine Conservation Society slams the Queensland Government’s proposal to increase monitoring of hammerhead sharks, slated to take effect next year.

CBA says ‘no’ to Adani but ‘maybe’ to coal
Final confirmation that Adani Group will not be funded by the Commonwealth Bank will arrive with the accidental launderer’s annual report.

Huge electricity discount for south-east Queensland homes

Bold new plan for salmon industry
Jeremy Rockliff
THROUGHOUT recent debate on the salmon industry and its future, the overwhelming message from the Tasmanian community is the need to understand our vision for the industry in coming years.

Harry’s island of coexistence
Harry Butler helped put in place strict quarantine conditions on Barrow Island, the site of the massive Gorgon gas project.

You got to pay’: Tourists to be charged $150 to visit Kimberley natural sites
Cruise passengers travel from across the world to visit popular attractions like waterfalls and rock art caves on WA’s north Kimberley coast — but in coming years, they’ll be asked to cough up for the privilege.

Pushing the storage horse with a nuclear waste cart: the spent fuel pool problem.
In June, Energy Secretary Rick Perry gave a case of heartburn to US nuclear reactor operators when he testified before the House Energy and Water Appropriations Committee in support of the department’s proposed budget for fiscal 2018.

Multiple violations found at Washington State’s nuclear power plant.
The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) last month suspended indefinitely the shipment of radioactive waste from the state’s sole nuclear power plant.

The Trump Administration rolls back anti-corruption efforts in the oil industry.
In February, in one of its first acts of lawmaking, the Trump Administration, with the Republican-controlled Congress, rescinded a pending Securities and Exchange Commission rule that would have required oil companies to disclose details of their payments to international governments in connection with oil and gas production.

Electric cars are not the solution
If we really want to tackle particle pollution we need carbon-free electricity and, even better, walk or cycle over short distances

Rise of electric car solves little if driven by fossil fuels, warns windfarm boss
Dong Energy boss says falling price of renewables means they must power the electric car revolution or the environment will gain only a pyrrhic victory

The war on food waste has a new weapon: a £99 fridge camera
Phone app offers households savings for a fraction of the cost of a top-of-the-range smart fridge

The eco guide to optimism
OK, the Sixth Mass Extinction may be upon us, but there are still some reasons to be cheerful

27 national monuments are under review. Here are five to watch.
No president has ever abolished a national monument designated by a predecessor. President Trump may try to change that.

Why most meetings are a complete waste of time – and how to fix them
Marc Hudson–and-how-to-fix-them-20170802-gxnrso.html