Monday 11 September 2017

Logging halt would boost Victorian economy, study finds
Victoria’s environmentally and politically sensitive central highlands contribute nearly $1 billion to the state’s economy every year, and that would be boosted if native timber logging was stopped, a new report says.

Cull kangaroos and eat their meat, ecologist urges
Overabundant kangaroos have been blamed for stripping vegetation back so other species struggle to survive and one solution is for Australians to develop a taste for their meat.

Nationals rally against energy plan
The Nationals have fired a warning shot across Malcolm Turnbull’s bow by passing a motion opposing the proposed Clean Energy Target.

Frydenberg hits back after Nationals describe renewables as ‘short-term sugar hit’
Energy minister says renewables an important long-term contributor to Australia’s energy mix

40pc price surge threat on back-up power supply
POWER prices could increase by as much as 40 per cent if the Federal Government creates an emergency power supply, a leading think-tank warns.

Turnbull, AGL attempt to thrash out solution to coal plant stand-off

Lifeline for small coal exporters
A ban on government-backed loans for onshore coal and ­resource export operations will be overturned.

Does Scott Morrison believe energy is affordable?

Andy Vesey now finds AGL is caught in political no-man’s land
Jennifer Hewett
Armed with the risks of power shortages in the national electricity market, the government is determined to change the terms of the argument.

Come together, power suppliers
Adam Creighton
Adam Smith, the great free-market economist, might have nationalised Australia’s solar and wind farms.

‘Blackout Bill’ flounders
Graham Richardson
The Coalition is on a winner with ‘Blackout Bill’ Shorten on the back foot over power policy.

Media gullible on renewables
Chris Mitchell
Nothing better illustrates the lack of public policy expertise in the media than the debacle over power prices.

Using migration to boost growth isn’t smart
Ross Gittins

Logging halt would boost Victorian economy, study finds
Victoria’s environmentally and politically sensitive central highlands contribute nearly $1 billion to the state’s economy every year, and that would be boosted if native timber logging was stopped, a new report says.

Endangered animals threatened by logging, environment groups allege

Cyclist injuries continue to rise in Victoria despite falling road toll
The number of cyclists sustaining major injuries more than doubles in nine years, new research shows, despite the overall road toll falling in the state over the same period.

City a testing ground for smarter transport
BUSES, trams and cars will soon be able to talk to each other as part of a world-first transport project that will prevent traffic jams, cut travel times, and improve safety.

Wildlife warriors keep guard of Epping roos
WILDLIFE warriors have vowed to keep guard of hundreds of kangaroos sentenced to death in a mass cull in Epping.

Why AGL is loathe to part with Liddell

Energy committee head says Liddell station ‘about stuffed’ and loan mechanism needed
Nationals MP says policy certainty required for investment as Turnbull government meets with head of AGL

2017 Sydney council elections: Development under threat as power shifts to Greens, independents

Turnbull is going head-to-head with two major NSW electricity providers

Bushfire warning downgraded
A bushfire warning for Fraser Coast residents has been downgraded. Locals were earlier told to get ready to evacuate.

Where have all the butterflies gone?
IF you’ve noticed a lack of butterflies of late you’re not the only one. Numbers are plummeting throughout southeast Queensland. But you can do something about it.

Statewide threat from toxic foam
RESIDENTS in almost every major city and town in Queensland are at risk from toxic and cancerous chemicals, a State Government survey has found.

Aboriginal leader pushes for nuclear waste dump
Aboriginal leader Malcolm McKenzie is pushing for a low-level radioactive waste repository in the Flinders — and he has jobs in mind.

First fine under new illegal dumping laws
A NORTHERN-SUBURBS man has become the first person in the state to be convicted under new anti-dumping laws.

Cruise ship emissions to be tested at Tasmanian ports
Tasmania’s environmental watchdog warns it will monitor cruise ship emissions from the burning of cheap bunker fuel as the state prepares to welcome a record number of visits this season.

Our obsession with the Tasmanian Tiger
Footage by the Booth Richardson Tiger Team is one of many online videos reporting to show a Thylacine.

Aboriginal rangers trading carbon credits created by fire
Warddeken rangers are running what is believed to be a world-first program using traditional and high-tech fire management, and trading the resulting carbon offset credits.

Green target set to push up electricity bills
WA households and businesses could face higher power prices worth half a billion dollars so the State Government can build green energy projects such as wind farms required under national law.

Global shockwaves from electric cars will be here sooner rather than later
Governments, the oil industry and car makers are waking up to the profound changes battery-powered cars will bring

‘My job is to clean up the environment. China really wants to do that’
Environmental lawyer James Thornton says China’s ‘ecological civilisation’ concept is the best response to the world’s environmental crisis

At 207.7 million, Pakistan’s soaring population growth spells trouble.
For years, Pakistan’s soaring population growth has been evident in increasingly crowded schools, clinics and poor communities across this vast, Muslim-majority nation. But until two weeks ago, no one knew just how serious the problem was. Now they do.

Hazardous waste illegally deposited in Franklin County requires quick attention.
Residents around West Lake Landfill, a dumping ground for improperly handled nuclear waste, know what it’s like to live near a ticking time bomb

Amid nuclear setbacks, Virginia utility pauses plans for new reactor.
The move comes amid ever-growing scrutiny now that construction on two reactors in South Carolina has stopped and plans for others in the region have been scrapped

Trade fight looms as China curbs coal imports
China moves to restrict coal imports in an effort to provide further support to its local industry, a move sure to hurt Australian miners.

Nuclear war fears: Japanese buying shelters

The eco guide to healthy beaches
It’s not about pristine sands – we need seaweed, coral and mangroves to sustain marine wildlife and protect the world’s coasts