5000 people attended the Human Sign on St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia. The sign was a reaction to the Australian Prime Minister’s (Kevin Rudd) lack of action on climate change. Rudd had declared , “Climate Change: The great moral challenge of our generation” but did nothing. The sign morphed into the phrase “CLIMATE CHANGE – OUR FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS” before it finally washed into the sea.

HUMAN SIGN – 17 May 2009

The  St Kilda Beach Human Sign – Photo by Cloud 9 Aerial Photography.

Human Sign on St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia, May 2009

Penny Milstein made this video
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Brett Robinson made this video.

This video, made in 2008, helped to inspire us.

This video, made in 2007 by the ABC Catalyst program, was an important precedent.