Avoiding blackouts with 100% renewable energy
Renewable energy solutions are often hindered by the inconsistencies of power produced by wind, water and sunlight and the continuously fluctuating demand for energy. New research by Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, and colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, and Aalborg University in Denmark finds several solutions to making clean, renewable energy reliable enough to power at least 139 countries.

Climate change is increasing flood risks in Europe
A new study finds strong agreement that flood risks in central and western Europe are rising due to global warming.

Climate change threatens future of golf: Report
Golf is facing an increase in unplayable holes, winter course closures and disruption to professional tournaments due to increased rainfall, while rising sea levels could jeopardise all the world’s coastal courses by 2100.

If smokers are singled out, why not greenhouse gas emitters?
The effects of climate change are just as well known as the effects of secondhand smoke. The former should be addressed by city council in exactly the same manner as smoking.

Climate change is altering lakes and streams, but is the effect on marine life now beyond our control?
Researchers ran experiments on water fleas to understand what effects the fast rise in carbon dioxide levels might have on freshwater life in decades to come.

Space: next frontier for climate fight
From battling illegal mining in Colombian forests to protecting Mongolian cattle from death by extreme weather, researchers are looking to space to cope with earth’s climate challenges.

Australia rooftop solar boom continues with best January ever
Australian homes and businesses continue to install solar at a cracking pace in January, adding another 111MW to the 2017 total of more than 1.25GW.

Coal giant AGL cashes in on higher electricity prices
Results from Australia’s biggest coal generator, AGL, shows how coal and gas companies have profited from the surge in electricity and gas prices.

Chinese rubbish ban ‘could see end of kerbside recycling’ in Australia
Australia’s recycling industry feels the impact of China’s ban on some imported recyclable rubbish, with industry leaders warning they cannot keep collecting recycling if there’s nowhere for it to go.

Data sharing for telcos, power
Scott Morrison is considering forcing energy firms and telcos to share customer data, a move that could reduce bills.

Power price study ‘shoddy’ work
Josh Frydenberg says a Labor think tank’s report on rising electricity costs is ‘disgraceful’ and ‘deceitful’.

World-first genetic analysis reveals Aussie white shark numbers
Rich Hillary, CSIRO; Russ Bradford, CSIRO, and Toby Patterson, CSIRO

Rio Tinto’s boom result tells us what they’ll do with tax cuts
Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer
Rio Tinto has demonstrated what companies will do with a windfall from company tax handouts: return them to shareholders.

No one is buying the Minerals Council’s coal ‘slime’
Simon Holmes à Court
Almost everyone in the sector knows coal power is dying, except mining’s peak body.

With doubt surrounding the future of recycling, it’s a waste to bury our thoughts on sustainability
Matt Johnston
Although recycling has changed a fair bit since the 1980s — with more brightly coloured bins clearly defining where you put your milk bottles and tomato tins — the method of re-use or disposal does not seem …

‘They will pay’: Power suppliers to cough up for cuts

Force power companies to cut prices, poll finds

NSW Labor demands answers over altered Barwon-Darling water-sharing plan
Opposition says former minister Katrina Hodgkinson must explain why plan was changed

Coalminers given approval to clear nearly 10% of endangered forest, commission told
Lock the Gate says previous decisions not factored in to recommendation allowing 250ha of endangered area to be cleared

Beekeepers and residents frustrated after council poisons up to 50,000 bees
A Sydney council sprays an urban beehive with poison, killing tens of thousands of bees in the suburb of Paddington and leaving residents and beekeeping authorities frustrated.

The last drop of water in Broken Hill
In the Australian outback, the future of drought has come early.

Why you shouldn’t touch the alien-like sea creatures on Sydney beaches
“I would’ve thought they were fake if there weren’t so many.”

Linc Energy workers told to drink milk and eat yogurt to avoid acid burns, court told
A court hears workers at an underground coal gasification plant in Queensland that complained of burning eyes, infections and shortness of breath were told by the company to increase their dairy intake.

Queensland braces for ‘severe to extreme’ heatwave
Temperatures across Queensland are predicted to start rising from tomorrow, with parts of the state expected to peak as high as 45 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

Cheaper public transport for Queensland veterans

Brisbane City Council registers illegal dingoes as pets

‘Wonderful’ if Adani coal mine went ahead, Orica boss says

Bill Shorten switches focus to infrastructure jobs as he cops flak over Adani mine comments

Bid to slash power prices in Far North Queensland
Cairns should have its energy market thrown open to competition in a trial that would bring down bills and end subsidies being funded by taxpayers.

Cairns area records most illegal recreational fishing offences during Christmas holiday period

Musk says storage orders surge on success of Tesla big battery
Elon Musk says the Tesla big battery in South Australia has exceeded performance targets “significantly,” a success that has put a rocket under sales of the company’s commercial-scale Powerpacks.

Weatherill mines BHP goodwill
BHP’s Olympic Dam mine will return to full production by April following a $350m upgrade of its smelter.

Fears Kangaroo Island bushfire has destroyed well-known restaurant Enchanted Fig Tree and farm
A large bushfire on Kangaroo Island has destroyed two sheds and more than 75ha of grassland as it raged out of control on Thursday.

Native title claim over land between Mount Lofty Ranges and Murray River
The futures of hundreds of River Murray shacks have been thrown into doubt by moves to establish a native title claim over lands between the Mt Lofty Ranges and the states only major waterway.

SolarReserve still falling short at flagship solar tower project
David Leitch
SolarReserve’s flagship solar tower and storage project is still falling short of design targets. Does it deserve public money?

South Australia should aim for 100% renewables by 2025, not 50%
Dan Spencer
South Australia can show the rest of the nation how to build a 100 per cent renewable energy system to makes people’s lives better.

The concept of a green Adelaide under the Government’s current planning regime is bleak
Stephen Forbes

Artificial nests a breeding success story for vulnerable Tasmanian shy albatross
Nests made of mud and concrete boost the number of chicks hatching on a remote Bass Strait island.

New tactics for orange-bellied parrot survival

Council opens up public parks to resident food planting
A local council in suburban Perth votes to allow residents to plant fruits and vegetables in public parks without a lengthy approval process.

Perth drivers fed up with peak hour congestion
Almost two thirds of Perth drivers are rethinking how to get to work.

‘Sad day for our people, our land’: Appeal fails against Yeelirrie uranium mine in WA’s Mid West

Renewable energy set to end Kalbarri’s electricity woes
Renewable energy is expected to end Kalbarri’s electricity supply woes after the State Government announced a $6 million “microgrid” would be built near the popular holiday town.

Bangkok air pollution warning, children asked to stay indoors
Residents in Bangkok, one of the world’s top tourist destinations, were warned on Thursday the city’s air quality had hit dangerous levels just days after the country’s pollution control agency appealed to residents to wear face masks.

UK ‘could adopt’ Norway bottle recycling system
Advisers to government say the schemes have massively reduced plastic litter in the environment and seas.

Radical solutions to the air pollution crisis from around the world
Ten years after the introduction of low-emissions zones in London, are newer, more dynamic solutions required to deal with our dirty air?

Ex-Interior secretary – ‘No such thing as clean coal’
Ex-U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell takes out after Trump administration policies on coal development, national park visitor fees, and its desire to drill for oil and gas along cherished coastlines.

China’s clean air helps us: Rio
Jean-Sebastien Jacques says China’s push for clean air is ‘a structural change, which is very good for us’.

Population – the elephant in the room?
Dave Hill
Why don’t the UN or world leaders acknowledge that we have a major problem? Lifeboat Earth is near full and the waves are getting bigger.

Rapid land changes forecast for East African savannahs
A study, presenting a 5000-year environmental history of the popular tourist destination, Amboseli National Park in Kenya, has shown that the impact of climate change on land is more rapid than previously thought.

UK Space Agency to help detect illegal jungle gold miners
You could call it yellow cocaine. As smuggling drugs into the US has become ever riskier, Colombian criminal gangs have turned to an even more lucrative commodity: gold.

More than three billion barrels of Alberta bitumen have ‘spilled’ into our oceans… so far
Lost in the heated arguments over Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans Mountain pipeline is this simple fact: more than a quarter of the bitumen flowing through it will end up as pollution spilling into our oceans—one way or the other.