New Insight Into Climate Impacts of Deforestation
Deforestation is likely to warm the climate even more than originally thought, scientists warn.

Where’s the proof climate change causes the polar vortex?
Merrill Matthews
Today, the “polar vortex” meteorological phenomenon has become one more pawn in the climate change debate.

Foreign donation and charity law changes ‘likely’ to face high court challenge
Human Rights Law Centre examining bill’s legality and says it could go against freedom of political communication

Business to fight big energy slug
Manufacturers have seen little relief from sharp hikes in electricity and gas prices, with some facing a potential tripling in electricity charges this year.

‘That is true’: Frydenberg concedes Australia’s emissions rose in 2017

Dark future: Australia has ‘missed the boat’ on nuclear power

Forget Paris: Australia needs to stop pretending we’re tackling climate change
Nick Kilvert
As the Bureau of Meteorology confirms another record-breaking year for temperatures in Australia, where is the urgency in our climate policy?

Banning plastic bags and building hydro-electricity schemes
Mike O’Connor
An environmental catastrophe has been averted and for this we must thank a request by Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson that plastic water bottles at senate hearings be banned

The global warming experiment we conduct at our peril
SMH editorial
The warming showing up in the averages at home and abroad is worrying enough.

PM lets Abbott sap his energy
Mark Butler
Industry knows we need to flick the switch to renewables, but politics holds us back.

Twelve Apostles ire: ‘The act of a selfie has gone above and beyond people’s ability to judge their own safety’

Murray Darling Basin: ‘Pay irrigators not to pump’ — NSW
The NSW Government is proposing the Commonwealth pay the state’s northern irrigators to allow upstream environmental water to flow past their pumps.

Why Sydney’s transport is doomed to fail its users
Michiel Bliemer
Sydneysiders could be forgiven for asking why they don’t have a subway like Paris or London, but that’s not the answer. Sydney’s transport problems are more complicated than that.

Authorities still hopeful calicivirus will cut Canberra’s rabbit numbers
Local parks authorities hope the new strain of calicivirus will eventually help curb escalating pest rabbit populations once summer temperatures start to fall.

Parliament to pump Lake Burley Griffin for water supply

Beach Energy has discovered a new gas field in the south east of SA

Fisheries officers remind cockle collectors of bag limits, after issuing 14 expiations
Recreational fishers are being reminded to obey pipi bag limits, after more than 14000 illegally caught cockles had to be returned to the ocean.

Labor and Liberal both welcome short-term population growth plan

Snowy’s SA diesel plans go awry
Snowy Hydro has criticised a regulatory decision that blocks its plan to shift diesel generating units into SA to provide a more secure power supply.

Tasmanian pensioners left hanging after delayed delivery of energy bonus
Tasmania’s Energy Minister is accused of misleading pensioners, concession card holders and potentially a parliamentary committee, over special energy bonus cheques that were due to be delivered by Christmas.

World’s second-most powerful battery after Tesla mooted for Top End
The Northern Territory could become home to the world’s second-most powerful storage battery after Tesla’s lithium ion battery in South Australia after Territory Generation released an expression of interest to develop the system.

Green space doubles in plan for controversial project at West End

Theresa May proposes plastic-free supermarket aisles in green strategy
PM to declare war on scourge of plastic waste as she unveils much-heralded 25-year environmental plan.

After an uncertain start, U.S. offshore wind is powering up
After years of delays, the U.S. offshore wind industry is finally gaining momentum, with new projects being planned along the Atlantic coast. So far, the Trump administration seems to be regarding offshore wind as one form of renewable energy it can support.

Dropping Florida from offshore drilling opens legal cracks in Zinke’s plan
The Trump administration wanted to open 90 percent of the U.S. coasts to offshore drilling. But with state opposition and potential legal challenges, can it succeed?

Paul Fenn wants to give your electric company the boot
He’s spent a quarter century advocating for making power a local matter. Now communities that want more renewable energy can buy their own.

Urban farms ‘critical’ to combat hunger and adapt to climate
They may look small scale, but rooftop farms, vertical gardens and allotments could prove crucial in fighting hunger in urban areas, researchers said Wednesday.

Study: Amazon dams are disrupting ecologically vital flood pulses
Flood pulses, important to Amazon basin aquatic and terrestrial ecology, are being severely impacted by both large and small hydropower dams.

Big oil wary of Trump’s free rein
Donald Trump has fired the starting pistol, but don’t expect a race offshore from Big Oil companies.

Students more engaged and attentive following outdoor lesson in nature
Following an outdoor lesson in nature, students were more engaged with their schoolwork, and their teachers could teach uninterrupted for almost twice as long.

Energy policy should focus on climate
Bloomberg editorial
Supporting coal makes no sense, but nuclear power should stay in the picture.

Sustainable shopping: is it possible to fly sustainably?
Andrew Glover RMIT University

Pacific Northwest Salmon Species Has Lost Two-Thirds of Its Genetic Diversity
Chinook salmon, an iconic species in the Pacific Northwest that supports a major fishery industry and indigenous traditions, have lost up to two-thirds of their genetic diversity over the past 7,000 years, according to a new study.

Hiding from a warmer climate in the forest
When studying the effect of climate change on biodiversity, it is important to consider the climate near the ground (microclimate) which a plant or an animal actually experiences.

The ecological costs of war in Africa
When Josh Daskin traveled to Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park in 2012, its iconic large animals were returning from the brink of extinction.

Maintaining tiger connectivity and minimizing extinction into the next century
A recent study finds that protecting corridors is critical to preserving genetic diversity in tigers, and minimizing extinction

New Hope for Critically Endangered Myanmar Snub-Nosed Monkey
Eight years after the discovery of a new primate species in Myanmar, scientists have released a new report revealing how the ‘snubby’ …

It’s official — ladies, you do all the work according to new study
Women who feel they have less down time than men are correct — they have five hours a week less in fact. And the gap is only getting wider.