Friday 11 August 2017

Did climate change bring down late Bronze Age civilizations?
Marine archaeologists excavating the eastern Mediterranean are learning how the Bronze Age Mycenaean, Egyptian, and Anatolian Empires fell.

Human-caused warming likely led to recent streak of record-breaking temperatures
It is “extremely unlikely” 2014, 2015 and 2016 would have been the warmest consecutive years on record without the influence of human-caused climate change, according to the authors of a new study.

Climate change shifts timing of European floods
A study conducted by TU Wien and 30 European partners shows that the timing of the floods has shifted across much of Europe, dramatically in some areas.

Climate change has changed the way I think about science. Here’s why
Sophie Lewis ANU

AGL cashes in on coal splurge, renewable investment drought
AGL’s multi-billion investment in coal generators, and the recent investment drought in new wind and solar plants, have delivered windfall gains to the country’s biggest generator. It also increased its margins from consumers, despite its offer of discounts.

AGL says solar, wind, storage cheapest way to replace coal
Giles Parkinson AGL says new coal plants not economically rational; facilities like Liddell will be replaced by wind, solar, batteries, pumped hydro and other firming capacity.

“Ice battery” air-con technology set to cool Australian homes – and peak power demand
Solar hot water company Apricus inks distribution deal for US “ice battery” + air-con technology that could cool Australian homes, and cut power bills.

Australia faces potentially disastrous consequences of climate change, inquiry told
Former defence force chief decries Australia’s response to climate challenge as a ‘manifest failure of leadership’

Origin Energy takes another $1.2bn hit over LNG investment
Falling oil prices look likely to condemn Origin Energy to a $2.5bn loss when its full-year results come out next week.

New rules for retailers, but don’t sit there waiting for your electricity bill to go down
David Blowers Grattan Institute

Why Vesey irritates coal miners
Matthew Stevens
AGL’s latest results show why its chief executive isn’t the miners’ best friend.

Energy debate should be all about prices
Rachel Corbett
WE need to shift the energy debate from the environment to the economy. If renewables bring cheaper prices the argument is over

Are the politicians trying to con us on this one?
Alan Davies
If the “20-minute” city is defined by how many everyday services can be accessed by bicycle then we’ve already got it and the claims of Federal and State leaders look like a con

Recycling company gifted huge tyre pile to foreign shelf company to avoid EPA, court hears
The secret owners of a “Panamanian shelf company” lose a legal bid to stop Victoria’s environmental watchdog from clearing the notorious Stawell tyre stockpile, in the state’s west.

Proposed AGL pipeline in Victoria potential ‘game changer’ for energy prices
Australia’s largest energy supply retailer, AGL, plans to build a gas import jetty and pipeline at Crib Point on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula by 2021, in a bid to prevent summer blackouts in the south-eastern states.

Penguins killed in fox attack on Victoria’s Middle Island
More than a third of Middle Island’s famous penguin population, highlighted in the movie Oddball, is wiped out in a fox attack in south-west Victoria.

Endangered whale ‘baby boom’ boosts hopes for species
It has been a bumper baby season off Victoria’s south-western coastline, with a fourth endangered southern right whale calf being born at the traditional whale nursery at Warrnambool.

Gas imports a ‘game changer’
AGL Energy chief Andy Vesey says Victorian gas imports could be a ‘game changer’ for east coast energy consumers.

Dockless bikes dumped across Melbourne
THESE bikes have been dumped up trees, on lampposts — and even on top of portable toilets -— across the city. And Melbourne’s Lord Mayor has had enough.

Victoria culls 71,000 roos
MORE than 70,000 kangaroos have been turned into pet food in Victoria since 2014.

‘Slap in face’ for basin
VICTORIA is calling for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and Commonwealth ­Environmental Water Holder to come under any review of the basin, following startling allegations of water theft in NSW.

13 ways government could bring down electricity costs
Victorians are struggling with rising power prices, with some refusing to turn on heating and scrimping on food to get by — but there are a few things government could be doing about it according to a new report.

Queen Victoria Market: friends group launches its own vision

‘Extreme lack of transparency’: NSW planners took Santos CSG tour, documents reveal
Environmentalists are concerned NSW Planning has received a “one-sided picture of CSG” as documents reveal they had secret meetings and tours with Santos, who is currently seeking approval for the Narrabri coal seam gas project.

Top drug cops face the chop
THE police group hailed as heroes this week for smashing open Sydney’s biggest drug operations face the axe as part of a “restructure” looking to find “efficiencies”.

Meet the city dweller who lived off the land for a year
Sydney resident Oliver Brown has spent the past 12 months avoiding the supermarket and eating only what he could grow in his backyard or hunt for himself.

Triangle of prime Rozelle land threatens to add $80 million to WestConnex

$1 billion blowout in WestConnex gateway project

Ethanol policy: a de facto tax on Sydney drivers
Sean Nicholls

Failure to meet dust monitoring may close four Queensland coal mines
Four Queensland underground coal mines risk closure after allegedly failing to meet their dust-monitoring obligations, Mines Minister Anthony Lynham tells State Parliament.

Police target trucks in rubbish crackdown
THE Queensland Government has sought federal help to rescue it from being NSW’s dumping ground as it launches a crackdown on rogue rubbish trucks.

Palaszczuk in 2010: ‘We need this levy to stop these cowboy operators’

Moreton Bay seals land future
MORETON Bay Regional Council has a land bank of almost 1000ha to meet residential and industrial demand for the next 2½ decades.

Tourism industry funds research trip to most damaged part of Great Barrier Reef
Unprecedented scientific expedition funded by private tourism company is designed to unlock secrets of surviving coral

Adani fined $12k over Abbot Point environmental breach
The Indian mining giant Adani’s Abbot Point coal terminal in northern Queensland avoids a multi-million-dollar fine, but is slugged $12,000 for releasing sediment stormwater during Tropical Cyclone Debbie at a level many times higher than allowed.

We must shut the doors to trash trucks
Terry Sweetman
QUEENSLAND is finding out what happens when you dump red tape, through the cross-border rubbish dumping saga.

80k litres of diesel an hour
Generators the SA government is buying to prevent blackouts this summer will use 80,000 litres of diesel an hour.

Why small cities are beautiful for SA
SOUTH Australia should strive to become the “sensible middle” of Australia, underpinned by low-cost housing, convenient transport and an enviable lifestyle, says demographer Bernard Salt.

Salmon growth plan open for comment
Primary Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff has outlined the government’s vision for the state’s salmon industry.

Not all hooked on salmon ‘grow’ and ‘no grow’ draft plan for Tasmania
The Tasmanian Government reveals its draft plan for the “most environmentally sustainable salmon industry in the world” — but the 19 page document is blasted as “a total joke” by the Greens.

Inpex exports to boost NT economy by $118 billion
THE value of gas exports from the Inpex project will be greater than the $5.8 billion Tasmanian economy, an economic analysis has found

Inpex calls for onshore gas development
THE Australian Workers’ Union says it stands ready to provide a workforce should the ban on fracking be lifted while Inpex said onshore gas development was a key to satisfying its future backfill plans

Fear and loathing on the fracking trail in Katherine
Rod Campbell
Is the Northern Territory Labor government wavering in its commitment to ban fracking?

Don’t spread toxic panic
NT News editorial
KATHERINE Mayor Fay Miller is right. Now is not the time for the town’s residents to panic about its water supply

Quokka spotted on snowy Bluff Knoll summit

WA’s Ravensthorpe mine closes on low nickle price, threatening 300 jobs

What WA cyclists want
Better bike infrastructure and facilities remains at the top of the “wish list” among WA cyclists.

Gumtree battle update
A magistrate has ruled that the trees can stay for now but it may be taken to a higher court

Orlando commits to 100 percent renewable energy citywide by 2050.
By the year 2050, Orlando commissioners want all the electricity used in the city to come from renewable sources of energy like solar and wind power.

Here’s how many Earths we need to meet our population’s demand.
We would require 1.7 Earths to meet our current annual demands sustainably. It doesn’t have to be this way

6.5% of global GDP spent subsidising fossil fuels, or $12m every minute
IMF says subsidies to global fossil fuel industry reached $A6.7 trillion in 2015 – or $A18 billion a day, or $A12 million a minute.

The Australian’s environment editor, Graham Lloyd, sued over Peruvian eco-retreat
A former partner in an Amazonian conservation project with Lloyd and his partner Vanessa Hunter is claiming more than $600,000 in damages and costs

Modelling predicts dire consequences for all wetlands within 80 years
Coastal wetlands around the world could have just 80 years left to live according to a warning issued by an international team of researchers who have worked on new impact modelling of sea level rise.

Marine Noise Pollution Stresses and Confuses Fish
Increased noise pollution in the oceans is confusing fish and compromising their ability to recognise and avoid …

These tree-planting drones are about to start an entire forest from the sky.
Villages have spent years replanting mangroves along the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar. Now their work will go much faster, with some help from above.

Critically endangered staghorn corals are benefiting from coral gardening in the Caribbean.
New research finds that “coral gardening,” which involves planting fragments of nursery-raised coral on reefs in the wild to replenish depleted coral colonies, is playing a key role in the restoration of staghorn coral reef systems.

Laser Mapping Project Shows Effects of Physical Changes in Antarctica’s Dry Valleys
Researchers have publicly released high-resolution maps of Antarctica’s McMurdo Dry Valleys, a globally unique polar …

Efforts to reduce pollution from agriculture paying off slowly
Efforts by farmers to reduce the amount of fertilizer that reaches drinking water sources can take years to have a positive impact, according to a new study from the University of Waterloo.

Indigenous women: Defending the environment in Latin America.
Meredith Brown, Carley Reynolds Natural Resources Defense Council
We recognize the strong leadership of indigenous women who have stood at the front lines of many of these achievements and celebrate the indigenous communities that have defended their lands from mega-projects.

Forget ‘the environment’: We need new words to convey life’s wonders.
George Monbiot
Language is crucial to how we perceive the natural world.