Below is a list of ENERGY news stories published in LIVE’s daily newsletter in 2017. Renewable energy was one of few “good news” environment stories of 2017. Almost all informed sources say fossil fuels are on the way out – the issue now is will this happen fast enough? This list of LIVE news articles published in 2017 is focused on ENERGY issues. Articles involving SUSTAINABILITY and POLLUTION are covered on separate pages.

Today’s articles can be found on Greg Hunt’s Blog.
Note that this is NOT the Liberal Party’s Greg Hunt!
It is a retired environmentalist also named Greg Hunt.

Green energy can increasingly match or beat fossil fuel prices, report says.

Is wood a green source of energy? Scientists are divided.

100% renewable energy sources require overcapacity

Bioenergy has its limits for cutting emissions.

The road to fossil fuel dependence.

Coal, oil demand to peak in three years

Three signs that the Great Energy Disruption is already here

Electric cars and cheap solar ‘could halt fossil fuel growth by 2020’

Next-generation nuclear reactors stalled by costly delays.

There are now twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs in the US.

Is fusion energy in our future?

Wind power becomes the top renewable energy source

The murky future of nuclear power in the United States.

What next for renewables in cities?

Let’s say it again: Wood pellets are not a sustainable fuel source.

Solar power growth leaps by 50% worldwide thanks to US and China

Quiet revolution cuts energy consumption.

Renewable energy has robust future in much of Africa–reh032317.php

Is energy storage the next job creator?

Study finds that elevating women’s status lowers dependence on solid fuels

Renewable energy needed to drive uptake of electric vehicles

The end of coal: EU energy companies pledge no new plants from 2020

N-backed report: Record new renewable power capacity added worldwide at lower cost

Is 100% renewable energy realistic? Here’s what we know

Solar terawatts: How to increase solar capacity 50-fold over next 15 years

The cheap energy revolution is here, and coal won’t cut it.

Why age of populism won’t derail future of solar, wind and EVs

Think wind farms are ugly? It’s not only a matter of perception, but policy too

World lags on clean energy goals

Big solar passes 100GW global milestone, Australia in reach of top 10

UBS: Electric vehicles to reach cost parity with petrol cars by 2018

Small-scale renewables cheapest for rural Africa, says Dutch report

Renewable energy powers jobs for almost 10 million people

There’s Way Less Coal Than We Thought

Why Don’t Green Buildings Live Up to Hype on Energy Efficiency?

Replacing coal with solar can save lives and money

Electric cars accelerate past 2m mark globally

World coal production just had its biggest drop on record.

Global energy demand stumbles for third year: BP.

Analysis: Coal Is a dinosaur and so is the growth economy.

Solar power will kill coal faster than you think

Solar heating could cover over 80 percent of domestic heating requirements in Nordic countries

Domestic appliances guzzle far more energy than advertised EU survey

Small steps to save energy exhaust political will for bigger actions.

The heated politics of renewable energy.

Renewable energy at a ‘tipping point.’

Fading away: Money runs short for nuclear energy’s survival,10458

‘Clean coal’ will always be a fantasy.

Wind energy has officially become cheaper than fossil fuels

Electric car revolution: calculating the cost of green motoring

Global Meltdown? Nuclear Power’s Annus Horribilis

What people just don’t get about electric vehicles

No need to go electric to slash motor emissions

Low-energy homes don’t just save money, they improve lives

Electric cars: everything you need to know

Energy smart home could even boost your health

The power of society: Scientists propose new area of study in energy generation

France plans to end oil and gas production by 2040.

There are over 341,000 wind turbines on the planet, why they matter.

Geothermal energy: Why hasn’t it caught on yet?

This is just the start of the solar age seven graphs show why

Stunning tipping points mean coal will never be great again

Nuclear cannot keep up with wind, and solar is coming next.

IEA: Renewable electricity set to grow 40% globally by 2022

Jobs, tax and politics: three ways electric vehicles will change our world

Doubling of renewables could drive 66% storage cost reduction by 2030

There’s enough wind energy over the oceans to power human civilization, scientists say.

Nuclear power’s deepening crisis

Gore says sustainable energy will win – the question is whether it will win in time.

Graphs of the Day: Wind fast, solar faster, batteries fastest

Among ‘green’ energy, hydropower is the most dangerous

Billionaire plan to ‘rezone Earth’

An urgent need to transform world’s energy systems

Study helps make microgrids a more reliable power source

New global survey reveals that everyone loves green energy – especially the Chinese

One in six new cars in the world will be electric by 2025

Developing nations are driving record growth in solar power

Reckoning with the nuclear reactor, 75 years later

New study smashes myths about “embodied” energy in wind and solar

World Bank won’t back oil and gas projects after 2019

Coal demand’s record decline

World plugs into electricity

How investing in solar energy can create a brighter future for Africa

Love solar power but got no rooftop? “Shared solar” is coming for you

Fighting climate change with bioenergy may do ‘more harm than good’

Utility-scale solar installations can avoid using farmland, study says