10 reasons to #ClimateStrike on May 21


10 reasons to #ClimateStrike on May 21


1. Because the government just announcement $500 MILLION for gas projects

Do they realise that gas is literally a fossil fuel?


2. Our Prime Minister straight-up refused to cooperate with world leaders 

At Biden’s climate summit, Morrison literally was the only leader there who didn’t set tougher carbon emissions targets. Even China and Russia promised bigger cuts.


3. Australia got roasted by BORIS JOHNSON of all people.

He said Australia needs to “up its ambition” on climate change…you know it’s bad when we start taking lessons from this Trump lookalike.


4. Australia is being hit hard by disaster

First the bushfires, now the floods. When will everyone wake up and listen to the science?!

5. The Government is telling us not to 

Haven’t adults learnt that telling young people what NOT to do is always going to backfire?!


6. Our future depends on it

We, our children and their children, will inherit the dangerous climate impacts that our politicians’ inaction is fuelling and we’re not cool with that.


7. It’s going to be MASSIVE and you don’t wanna have FOMO

There’s already more than 30 strikes across Australia. Students everywhere will be there. Our families are coming. Businesses are shutting for the day to be there. Unions and workers are backing us. You don’t wanna miss this.


8. We can’t vote yet

We’re too young to choose who runs this country so we’re striking to give our generation a voice instead. We may be young but we’re not quiet.

9. We have a chance to change our future

With the federal budget coming up, there is a chance to change everything and invest our money in clean, renewable energy.


10. We are powerful and we can make a change

We have created the biggest climate protests in Australia’s history. The world is watching. Let’s use this moment!




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